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Updated on May 28, 2014
S.C. asks from Chicago, IL
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We are going on vacation and my 2 year old son will be sleeping in a pack and play. What can I do to make it more comfortable? We are renting a house for a week ( when we stay at a hotel, I use a cushion from a chair). Just looking for some other ideas that are easy while traveling.

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answers from Grand Forks on

My kids slept in the Pack-n-Play without any additional padding and it was comfortable enough for them.

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answers from Washington DC on

You know you can buy a thicker mattress pad for the pack and play, right?

I personally would NOT use a cushion from a chair unless it fits it PERFECTLY...otherwise??? Suffocation hazard in my book.

To be honest? He really won't need anything other than his normal blanket. At 2, he doesn't weigh over 40 lbs right? His weight is distributed evenly so it's not as bad as you think.

I had the square pack and play and had the fitted sheets for it. It was good and easy. If you are traveling you really don't want to be carrying excess stuff..

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answers from Columbia on

we just purchased a mattress for our pack and play - but based on how and where we use it that made sense. If we were doing lots of traveling (or by airplane) I don't know that I would want to lug a mattress around.

However, before we got the mattress I folded up a down bedspread into the size of the base and then put a mattress pad OVER the bedspread (so it would still be a clear sleeping area - no issue with suffocation, tangling etc.

You can ask if the hotel has an extra blanket - I wouldn't do the bedspread at a hotel as those don't get washed between every guest. or you can buy a pretty cheap fleece blanket at walmart for under $20.

Have fun on your vacation!

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answers from Chicago on

When we traveled, my kids just slept in the pack and play as is. I didn't add anything extra for comfort. They were fine.

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answers from Minneapolis on

He is probably going to be comfortable just as it is. I did get a thicker mattress for a pack and play for my grandaughter to use at our house. The truth is I got the mattress for me, she slept just as well with either mattress. LOL

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answers from Washington DC on

When we rented a condo in Hawaii, we used an egg crate cushion we picked up from a local store. Then we just left it (and the stroller we bought), in a closet in the condo for someone else.

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answers from Dallas on

Does you son ever sleep in the pack and play for nap time at home? If it has been a while since he has been in it, check to make sure he still fits in it comfortably. Also if you are padding it to make it more comfortable, you will also be making it easier for him to get out. Walmart has a 3" foam mattress for a pack and play on their website. Have a great trip!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Our kids loved the pack and play.I didn't want to do something that might cause them to suffocate so I usually put a folded up thick quilt or blanket. I put everything under a huge sheet then tucked it under very well.

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answers from Washington DC on

Cut a piece of an egg crate cushion foam mattress pad to fit. It may even wrap around and fit in the pack and play bag. The sheet should fit just fine over it.

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answers from Chicago on

IKEA sells a fleece blanket for $5 which we use in this instance. Wraps around and fits uner or over the sheet. It's nice and soft. I keep one in my car for picnics or when needed. Folds up/ rolls pretty small. Have a great trip!

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answers from Chicago on

I just ask for extra bedding at the hotel and put it in there. We always have at least 1 kid sleeping in a Pack & Play when we travel.

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answers from Chicago on

Not sure if you want to spend money but we bought a pack and play mattress on Amazon and whenever we go on vacation we always take her pack and play and the pack and play mattress it's about two to half inches thick and we just throw it in there and my daughter sleeps in the pack and play. Now the mattress doesn't fit the pack n play snugly, you can probably put a few fingers on the side of the mattress it's not an extremely snug fit however my daughter has been sleeping in the pack and play on vacations since she was two years old and she's now four. I would never use it for a newborn or infant but for a toddler it works perfectly fine.

Here is a link. I also bought a portable crib sheet for this. It's been a very useful item.



answers from Chicago on

I used to wrap the mattress with a fluffy cotton towel, then put the fitted sheet over them. It was cushy and breathed better than just the plastic mattress by itself.



answers from Los Angeles on

Just rent a crib. It's like twenty bucks for the week at the beach.
Pack a crib sheet instead of the pack & play.



answers from Seattle on

We used a very fluffy blanket and wrapped it around the "mattress" to give it cushion. We used this as a crib with no problems.



answers from Kansas City on

We always fold a comforter in quarters and put that down. Then we put the sheet over it. It makes it like a pillow-top mattress.



answers from Rochester on

Go to Walmart or check online for a toddler travel bed/cot. Here is a link to one of them. My daughter has one for her 3 year old. She loves it and even wants to use it at home sometimes.



answers from New York on

Mine slept in bed with us.

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