Pacifier for 4 Month Old

Updated on March 22, 2011
K.D. asks from Woodland, CA
5 answers

My son is now 4 months, and wants to suck all the time! I breastfeed, and he either uses my nipple as a passie when hes not hungry or sucks my pinky a ton! My older son, now 22 months, loved his passie and had it until he was 18 months (no problems taking him off it at all!). My 4 month old refuses to suck a passie, he just spits it right out! I am soooo done with him being attached to me 24/7 (except to eat, i love breastfeeding) and I really really want him to take a passie... Any suggestions on passies to have him try?

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answers from Sacramento on

I invested in one of each kind and tried them all. Then the ones that didn't work, I kept one of each to use on my second child, and eventually passed all of them onto two other moms to do the same.
I just tried each one and kept the one the baby kept in her mouth the longest. To get the baby to take it took some persistence on my part. Keep offering it and nurse only to feed.
Best wishes.



answers from Columbus on

the Gumdrops by First Years are supposed to be good for bf babies.



answers from Houston on

Have you tried latex ones? I found that they are softer than the silicone ones and my son would take the latex mams and my daughter liked the latex nuks. As they got older I switched to silicone because the latex ones are kinda hard to find. Both were BF.



answers from Nashville on

I had the same problem till mine was about 6 months old. We stuck the pacifier in her mouth as soon as we put her down for the night and made this a every night routine. It worked on ours.


answers from Sacramento on

We used the Mam silicone binkies. My youngest was a binky addict (we had a drawer full of them, no joke!). She wanted to suck all the time, and using me for a pacifier was just not working for me at all, so I know how you feel! Like another mom said, we did start giving it to her at night when she was just falling asleep, and she took right to it.

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