P90 X ??? Stripper Dancing Workout?

Updated on August 13, 2009
M.B. asks from Shawnee, KS
8 answers

Hi Moms,
Has anyone tried these? Do you love them, hate them, were they worth the money? I'm trying to find something new for a motivation boost. I've done the gym thing, yoga and zumba class (which was fun). I get bored fast - any other suggestions? I've thought about pilates...?

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answers from Kansas City on

I've taken the chair dance classes and felt they were a great workout. I planning on going back when I have more time in the Fall. I also want to try the pole dance classes.

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answers from Kansas City on

I haven't tried it, but I do really like Pilates. The key is to get a good instructor. If you get bored easily, my suggestion is to mix it up more. I was doing classes at the gym - M, W - toning, T, Th - cycling, F - Pilates. But you might be better off just putting all your workout styles in two hats - one for cardio and one for stretching/strengthening - and drawing three cardios and three stretching/strengthenings out per week (or however many you do). If you like zumba, have your tried Jazzercise? It's pretty fun, and they change the routines fairly often, and have different instructors so it doesn't get too boring.


answers from St. Louis on

Hi M.:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my P90X! Love it! It is an incredible program and I've gotten several others into the program as well! You have to be dedicated for it to work, so if you think you are going to quit, give up, and/or wimp out, don't spend the money for the program. However, if you are tired of having extra weight on you and tired of being weak and are dedicated to being healthier, I recommend P90X. It's not for the weak-hearted, it'll kick your butt, but it is worth it!!! Did I mention I love love love it????
I don't follow the meal plan, I just use my instincts when it comes to eating. I eat several times a day and almost never let myself get hungry. I eat alot of fish, chicken, and vegetables, but I always have. I don't drink any soda - at all - not diet soda or caffein free. I love 20 pounds just giving up the coffee and soda!



answers from Wichita on

Hi M.,

I've never tried the P90 X, but I have tried a variety of striptease workouts. My problem with them is that they never seemed to be enough of a work out for me. It sounds like you are really active, so I bet it might be the same for you. Pilates rocks though! And I'm with you - zumba is a blast! Maybe you might like hip-hop or kickboxing?



answers from Fayetteville on

I have P90X and its awesome!! Definitely was a challenge! Its a lot of money though-I think we paid like $250-$300 but I'm sure the price is getting lower as its been "out" longer. I think it was worth the money because it comes with a lot of good information, but you must be realistic about it all otherwise its not worth it. The "diet plan" that it comes with compliments the workouts and there are 3 options for you to choose from but that of course implies that you plan and cook all of your meals. The meals/snacks aren't really the things that my daughter would eat-most of it is but I ended up making the meals for my husband and I then something else for my daughter. Pilates is also something I love! I've danced in some way since 5 years old through hs and pilates was something we always did. I used Pilates to get back in shape after I had my daughter, and it delivered! I have the Windsor Pilates dvd's I got a few years ago but really you can just go get a book about pilates and that will teach you the basic moves. If you go to a pilates studio, you'll use reformers and other equipment but that's all they offer there and its as expensive or more expensive than a gym membership. Sorry this was so long! Hope it helps :)



answers from Kansas City on

I haven't done it, but my best friend has done both. Both her and her husband did the P90X system to get ready for their vacation to Hawaii. They both loved it. It helped her get back down to her pre-pregnancy weight after having 4 kids. She said the meal plan was next to impossible for her to do though so she went with a variation of the South Beach Diet. She tweaked it to her needs. The stripper workouts she never stuck with due to boredom. Hope that helps!


answers from Kansas City on

Have you tried a dance class...most studios offer adult classes in Hip hop, tap, jazz, and ballet. Never the same and always learn new combos. Good luck and God Bless.



answers from Kansas City on

I am doing the boxing class at 5:30pm M-F at Title Boxing. I really love it. Keeps my stress level down too.

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