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Updated on September 27, 2012
T.S. asks from Magnolia, TX
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Hey ladies,
I was watching Dr Oz today... And he did a segment on oversharing on social media and the affects it has on people and the relationships it can hurt. Mothers over posting about there children and family members. Even intamite details about what goes on in their bedrooms. Do you think Oversharing Is Actually Good for You... Or a problem?
And why do you think people overshare every detail of there lives with the world? ( could there be a root problem?)

*have you ever over shared something you wish you could take back?

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answers from St. Louis on

Theresa you are my hero! I hate Dr Oz!

I know there is one person on my Facebook I have considered banning. Not because it is creepy or over the top sharing it is just they share too much.

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answers from Portland on

Well, not to be rude to the Mamapedia moms, but this is why, when I have a real life problem, I go talk to a professional who I've signed a confidentiality agreement with.

No, oversharing is not good. It tends to alienate people if they are not wanting 'that sort' of a relationship with you. I'm always a bit surprised at some of the things people post. I don't share anything on this site that I would be embarrassed to have someone find out about me.

Count me in on the "Dr Oz is just creepy" contingent. He talks to the audience like we're all in a sixth grade health class. ick.

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answers from Kansas City on

I think Dr. Oz is creepy...and it wouldn't surprise me he said this. With that said...I over-share in person...and probably "under-share" to an extent on social media. Yes I put my kids pics up...we have friends and family that love to see pics and hear stories...those people that I'm FB friends with that I don't "know" anymore are acquaintances and they are set to only see certain things.

The only over-sharers are the people who all of the sudden at election time have become political activists...when three months ago they never once said anything about politics. They are the ones who drive me batty!

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answers from Phoenix on

I "overshare" everywhere. Its just my personality. I talk alot in real life, I talk in details and I like to hear in details and I ramble...which all of you regulars on here can vouch for. lol The great thing about social media is if you don't like what they are sharing, block them or "unsubscribe" to them and you won't see it anymore! Problem solved! =)

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answers from New York on

To each his own, but I beleive it is a HUGE problem. I just had this conversation with my son regarding twitter. Why would you want to post random thoughts about yourself, private, gross, intimate. Nothing is sacred anymore. As I have always said, technology is a beautiful thing....when used wisely! I sometimes cannot believe what society has come to with technology. How bored must someone be to sit in front of a computer for hours at a time, posting personal thoughts, pictures and intimate details, only to have it later bite them on the butt. Someone recently posted a question about a picture posted from long ago by an ex. So everyone is affected at some point or another. Oversharing is a problem, how can it be good for you? It catches up with you sooner or later.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I try not to do that. I think I can comfortably say that "I" don't have a problem oversharing. But I do have problems with oversharing (other people's). I shake my head and move on along. I don't get it. I mean, I guess I do get it, but I just don't like it.

Reminds me of the cartoon where the lady is walking along the street and asks "Remember when you could walk to work and nobody cared what you ate for breakfast? Yeah. They still don't." LOL

I especially hate witnessing married couples post stuff they are aggravated with their spouses over. I just want to post "grow up" underneath. My parents spent a lot of time reminding me "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything" though, and so I TRY to follow that rule.

ETA: And I have to be careful about pics I post, too, b/c my kids might not want any particular picture "out there". So mostly, I just post pics of my dog. ;)

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answers from Chicago on

No. I dont even have a FaceBook account and avoid it because I prefer face to face or more intimate phone conversations. I think people do tend to over share thinking that others are super interested in every aspect of their lives. It's like here's my opportunity to have front and center stage so I better captivate my audience. Mothers are notorious for assuming everyone wants to see EVERY freakin' picture of their kid and in reality - people really aren't interested to the level you think. It's a lesson in learning what to share, how much to share and the extent. People like the attention it brings. Me, I can do without it.

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answers from Charlotte on

Did you ever watch Dr. Oz on the Oprah show? I think that's when he first started being on TV (I could be wrong about that, but I do think that Oprah launched him.)

He was different then. He really talked the medical talk without dumbing it down so much. I think that his sponsors have chosen to dumb down his segments. The question/answer thing is ridiculous and I agree with Hazel about him talking to us like we're in 6th grade. Really, the audience isn't stupid... (However, I like Dr. Oz very much. I just don't like how the show is run now.)

I saw a clip this week about a guy who tells people about themselves and they think he's a psychic. (Did anyone else see this?) They bring these people into his "tent" or room (I forget which) and he says things like "I see a red front door and a white fence" or "You've been on a trip where there are boats" (something like this) and the people are in awe. Then they pull a curtain back and the person's FB page and pictures are there. The guy has gleaned all this stuff just from their social networking.

So yeah, T., we do overshare. It's pretty apparent when all of a sudden someone you know who has disagreements with someone ends up being cyber- stalked - that has even happened here on MP. Some of the ladies here on this site have had it SO bad that they have asked MP to intervene.

The ones that shock me on FB are those who say they are out of town. Why don't they wait and talk about their trips when they are back? It's like an open invitation for someone to say something to someone, who says something to someone else, and all of a sudden, that someone has broken into your house while you're gone, all because you mentioned you are at the Napa Wine Valley sipping on a lovely red.

Ah well, it is a new day and age and as fast as technology is flying, we're bound to push past limits and think better of it as we face a consequence. Hopefully we don't get badly hurt as a consequence. I remind my college kid that employers look at FB and determine what kind of person you are by what it talks about. If it's full of politics, you may offend someone who would potentially give you business or hire you. If you make fun of certain classes of people, you are judged for that. If you have a nasty mouth, that'll cost you too. The thing is, we will never know what our missed opportunities are because that person you wined and dined for their business will never tell you "I gave the contract to the other guy because he didn't make fun of the President of the US on every other FB post like you did" or "My wife is a "soccer mom" and I didn't appreciate the negative things you write about soccer moms so I gave the other guy the job."

I would say "live and learn" about these things, but I don't think we necessarily get a chance to learn because we'll never know...

Sorry for the musings, don't know if this is a real answer or a ramble!


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answers from Los Angeles on

Over-sharing is a real phenomenon. I like to keep it light. Yes, there have been times when I over shared and regretted it. I also decided social media is not the place to get political, it just alienates people and you can't change peoples minds in that forum. I've decided for myself to keep it light. I cringe at the people who post about their mental health issues, alcohol addiction issues, or use it to complain about anything and everything. It totally alienates people.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I think its a problem if its causing you to lose friendships and hurting people you love and have people mad at you all the time.

People overshare because: Sharing is caring? I have a co-worker that shares stuff that is just wrong in so many ways, even down to the utmost details and quite frankly some of it is really none of my business and I don't want to hear some of the nastiness that goes on.

I have never shared anything I wish I could take back.

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answers from Bloomington on

I overshare with everyone. There are certain people/ relationships, that I deligate certain information to. I personally, haven't regretted sharing any info or has my sharing ever caused any problems. I'm sure like with everything, problems are dependent on how you share and the dynamics of the relationships your sharing about.

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answers from El Paso on

I don't share much of anything on FB, but I know one of my cousins has put some pictures of her sons up that (when older) could REALLY be embarrassing. I remember thinking at the time that she put one particular photo up that I truly hoped (for his sake) that none of his friends EVER saw that picture.

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answers from Dallas on

I typically under-share in person, and online. If you know me really well (husband and a few select best friends) I'll pretty much tell ya anything. Everyone else, it's a privilege not a right ;)

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answers from Chicago on

My SIL overshares all the time - glad we don't see each other often. My cousin posts to a RIP page for her deceased husband - way too much oversharing.



answers from College Station on

I do think you can over-share. I was doing it myself at one point, until a friend said something about it. I stopped. It was not a big deal.

Can it be detrimental? I don't think so, in the short term. But I also think it totally depends on the person and their social circle. Sometimes, the younger generation puts entirely too much importance on what is posted. Others just post what they really shouldn't. I wouldn't post anything that I really wouldn't want some stranger to know- so nothing about my and DHs sex life, our squabbles, etc.

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