Overnight Bug Bites

Updated on July 23, 2012
J.L. asks from Brainerd, MN
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I'm getting frustrated finding bug bites on my little boy when he wakes in the morning. They seem to be bigger welts, more than just a mosquito bite. He had one on his temple the other day and throughout the first day it changed from swollen, bright red then had a ring around it, then the redness and swelling started going away. Today he has two bites right next to each other on his wrist. He very rarely scratches his bites luckily. We live close to a swamp and the mosquitoes are bad this year, so we almost always need bug spray to play outside. Last night he had a bath right before bed so any lingering bug spray was washed away. My only guess is that it's spiders. I keep his room clean of course but spiders can hide just about anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas to prevent these bites and also any home remedies on how to heal them quickly??

Added: I'm pretty sure it's not bed bugs. I looked up pictures of bed bug bites and they don't look like my little guy's bites. My husband and I aren't getting any bites like this.

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answers from Columbus on

Perhaps this question is obvious, but have you checked for bed bugs?

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answers from Boston on

Sounds like spider bite, especially with a couple of them next to each other. I don't know about the ring around the one bite though - that's odd. It wasn't a bulls-eye pattern, right? That's a tick bite-Lyme disease red flag. Maybe give the doctor a call?

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answers from San Diego on

My son was getting spider bits while he was sleeping. I finally figured out that the spiders were hanging out in his stuff animals on his bed. He has tons of them. I put all of them in a couple of those vacuum bags. Sucked all the air out and left them for a few days. Then I pulled his bed out from the wall and vacuumed under and around his entire bed. Wash his sheets and bought him a couple of those stuff animal hammocks to hang on the wall. Throw all his stuff animals in the dryer for a few mins and put him all back in the hammocks. Have not had a spider bite since doing all of that. He is allowed two stuffed animals in his bed at one time now.

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

I am also thinking bed bugs. I have not told anyone, but we recently had them. We have worked with an exterminator to get rid of them and after a 6 month battle, they are finally gone. They were ONLY in the master bedroom which is on it's own floor in the house. I was the only one getting bitten. My husband had a couple bites but it was mostly me. I would call an exterminator asap and find out for sure. THey don't only hide in the bed either. They can also be in the carpet, dresser, nightstand, baseboards, even the outlets in the walls.
For us, we think they were here when we moved in since we did not have them before and did not travel or sleep anywhere else. BUT they can also come from backpacks at school, and even the library.
Get it checked out. THey are a nasty horrible thing to have.
Oh and BTW, you can have the cleanest, spotless and clutter free house and still get them. It has nothing to do with how clean a home is. I am a clean freak and the exterminator told me that I have one of the cleanest houses he has ever seen.



answers from Rapid City on

look at the edges on the corners of the mattress to see if they are bed bugs. I would also strip all the covers, mattress pads and sheets and wash them in hot water with a little bleach if you can use it with the color. I would get a carpet cleaner with upolostry brush and clean the mattress and box springs, making sure it is completely dry before stacking them or putting covers back on. If you can get one, a mattress cover would help too. Then I would go around the outside foundation and spray it for bugs.



answers from Omaha on

Sounds like spider bites to me. I'd pull everything to the center of the room and vacuum the base boards. Also under the bed and launder all the bedding and vacuum the bed. Make sure his window is sealed good and proper on the outside and in and you don't see any visible cracks or crevices they could be getting into. A little boric acid around the perimeter of the house if you don't have dogs goes a long way.

I'm allergic to the darn things and isn't it just always so that they prefer to bite me! From research I've found that is the recommendations to find and get rid of the little buggers. Works for me. I hope you get the little buggers for your sons sake. Poor baby!

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