Overabundance of Ear Wax

Updated on December 25, 2010
A.H. asks from Saint Augustine, FL
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My daughter's turning two soon, and she has a LOT of wax in her ears. I do clean them out reguarly, but when I shine a flashlight into her ears, I can see more deeper in. How can I remove them safely w/o having to go to a pediatrician?

Thank you!

Edited: I realize that *some* ear wax is fine, but this more than just a little bit. A quick look into her ears with a flashlight, and all I could see was dark brown.

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So What Happened?

I used some hydrogen peroxide in her ears, it seems to have broken them up a bit.

We both have Ectodermal Dysplasia, and there is a tendency in both of us to produce too much ear wax. She's never had ear infections, so I know that isn't a problem with her.

I just don't want to take her to the pediatrician - I remember when I had to get my ears cleaned by one, and it HURT. That was when I was about 6 or 7, and I still remember the pain. Metal things w/o anesthesia do not belong in ears.

Thanks, ladies!

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answers from St. Louis on

I have horrible ears (something about the shape of my ear canal makes it more prone to ear wax build up and infections). I have been told by several doctors though not to put peroxide in the ears though. Instead get the ear wax softener at the pharmacy. It helps to break things down safely and then you can usually suction the ear wax at once it's softened.

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answers from Boca Raton on

For my son, excessive ear wax is a major sign of food intolerance. We noticed that when he went dairy free (and later gluten free) the wax greatly diminished.

My husband has had to see doctors for the same issue - same exact cause as we later found out.

Good luck.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Have you tried ear candles? You can buy really good ones at GNC. We do them, and our kids love them. Pop a hole in the middle of a paper plate, stick the candle in the hole, put the pointed end of the candle in her ear and light the top. Of course, stay with her, hold the candle, and let it run down to the line on the candle (about 3-4 inches from the tip). Pull it out of her ear and then blow it out.You can open the candle up to see all the wax. It is awesome. I had a huge ball of wax come out of my ear when I did this. I couldn't hear very well before, but it was amazing how well I could hear afterwards. LOL Don't buy cheaper ones because the hole at the tip sometimes is too big, which can cause the wax to fall back down into the ear. This is not good. The brand I use is Wally's.

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answers from Dallas on

Excessive ear wax can be a food intolerance. You might check IgG food sensitivities (blood test) to determine if an offending food might be contributing to the problem.

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answers from Honolulu on

My son is like that.
DO NOT pick it out yourself.
Actually, you are not supposed to use Q-Tips in a child's ear etc., because it can push the wax in further, or worse, you can rupture his ear drum.

Our Pediatrician, said per my son, it really is no big deal. HE, with a Doctor's tool... took out my son's ear wax.
He said it causes no harm nor any hearing problems.
Nor has he ever had any ear infections, ever.
** My son, did not have any pain, while the Doctor took out his ear wax. He was not scared either.

The ear... is actually SELF cleaning.... and stuff gets pushed out of the canal and into the outer ear, by itself. That is what a normal healthy ear... does. It is self-cleaning....

You should only let your Pediatrician do that.

all the best,

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answers from St. Louis on

Our family doctor told me to NEVER put anything in the ears. He said the ears are designed to expel wax on their own, and that if we disturb the natural process, it causes the ears to create more and more wax. Also putting something in the ear can damage the ear and/or push the wax further down. All that said, I told the doctor my husband cleans his ears every day with Q-tips and the doctor said, "So do I. Do as I say, not as I do." He said he has to clean them every day precisely because he doesn't let the body do it itself, in which case the wax would work itself out. I'm in my 40s and have NEVER cleaned the insides of my ears with Qtips! One time I did feel there was something inside them, and I got homeopathic ear drops and for a few hours, wax dripped out of my ears and the problem was solved.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I was told hydrogen peroxide has water in it and does not evaporate. It can become trapped in the ear and cause problems. When my daughter's ear drum burst and their was a scabbing of blood and ick, I was told to use alcohol drops to help break away the build up. It worked and eventually a scab ball surfaced. I wouldn't do either procedure without consulting the PED first.

Unless she is fussing with her ears, I would leave the wax in the deep pockets. I do tend to clean the upper canal of the ear that is visible with the hair pulled back, even though you are not suppose to.

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answers from Fort Myers on

I do no suggest peroxide. There is wax softener in the eye and ear care at stores. It helps to soften it a few days (2 times a day ) prior to going to dr to get it removed. They might flush it with water. A pinpoint of wax Will hurt coming out. ENT Dr's have instruments to remove wax. Even a suction if it is too close to the ear drum. If its constant, then doing the wax drops once a week is ok. It works around the clock to prevent it from forming a ball. Its easy to damage ear drums and its NOT something to mess with doing home care on it.

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answers from Tampa on

I daugther has some medical problems and has to see an audiologist. They say leave it in. It comes out on it's own most times. If it gets too bothersome take her to the doc and tell him not to use that instrument (i know what it is and sometimes it does hurt when i was a child a doc used it once and actually cut my ear with it and i was bleeding). You can always refuse to let them do something to you child if you don't want it done.

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answers from San Francisco on

1) Try lying her down in a hot, soapy tub for a few minutes, and letting the hot water soak the wax out.

2) Hydrogen peroxide. Let it bubble for about 5 minutes, and make sure it is thoroughly rinsed out afterward. Maybe do the bath after the hydrogen peroxide.



answers from Houston on

this sounds like an ear infrection. pediatrician time or you may need tubes later. and this can effect speech also.



answers from Seattle on

I know there's a "no Q-tip" trend... but we've always just ignored it.

I clean my ears every day (I, too, make a lot of wax.. when I'm sick it literally drips out my ears, I know... gross)... or my ear canals get completely blocked inside of a week. So blocked I can't hear correctly, and in 2 weeks I can't balance appropriately.

My son, I've always just cleaned his ears every other day.

Our Ped knows I do, and she's fine with it. She brought in a few Q-tips during one visit and watched how I did it, and said "Perfect. Exactly how it should be done."



answers from Tampa on

very careful ear candling.
best, k



answers from Tampa on

I have always had a lot of ear wax. I use debrox a few times a week/month. I have to go and get them cleaned out. They use the water/solution mix. They even put baby oil in my ear. Don't do that at home unless your Dr says it's ok. I would use the debrox (swimmer's ear) but I would make sure you know how many to put in her ears per the Dr. I have small ear canals and things build up. Your daughter is still growing. Using Q-tips packs it in more. I use them but using a washcloth is best. I know it's not the best results but the debrox will help break up the wax and it will fall out on it's own.

Oh yeah, they use different tools then they metal things that used to hurt. Otherwise I wouldn't get it done either.



answers from Fort Wayne on

You should really ask her pediatrician.
But, we're suppose to have wax in our ears. It helps to collect any foreign particles that try to enter our ear canal. Nobody is going to be looking in your daughter's ears with a flashlight, except the doctor. I can't stand it when I can just look in my kids ear and see the wax, I take a Q-Tip and go around the opening to the ear, but never in the canal itself.
Now, if you think that it's too much wax, then ask the pediatrician a few questions. First off, ask if it is too much wax. If they say no, then don't worry about it. If the pediatrician thinks that there is too much wax, they should be able to give you tips on how to safely clean it.
I would bet they tell you to leave it alone though.


answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter seems to have a carrot patch in her ears. every day i get these big chunks of wax. I asked the doc, he said they are self cleaning, the ears naturally shed skin and the wax pushes it all out. as long as it is comeing out, and not plugging her ear, blocking sound or causing pain, shes ok. It totally bugs me! but i just wipe every day whatever comes on the washcloth, and that it. dont enter the canal, you can push it further in, sratch her ear (even with cotton) potentially rupture the eardrum if you went that far ( i know you wouldnt). I flush my own ears fairly often, i hate wax buildup, but its best to leave kids ears alone.

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