Over Run by Weddings (Need Gift Ideas ASAP)

Updated on July 19, 2011
S.F. asks from Ogdensburg, NY
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So I have 5 weddings and 2 baby showers to attend in the next few months. One of which is this weekend and I still dont have gifts for any of them. We went out yesterday in the hopes of getting the gift for this weekends wedding but we were told that they dont do what we were hoping to get anymore. We wanted to get a nice metal plate with their invitation engraved on it. So because we were standing there in the mall thinking this is what we are here for and couldnt get it we left empty handed. What on earth do I do? We also wanted to use this gift idea for one of the other weddings and I guess thats out if the question. So I am scrambling to find a gift for this weekend and 4 more plus 2 baby gifts

Any awesome and creative ideas would be appreciated. I also would like to spend no more than $100 per gift as $700 is a lot of money for us
Thanks so much

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about the weddings, but when I got married all I wanted was what I registered for and cash. I know it sounds tacky and I never said it to anyone, but the majority of the stuff I got that wasn't on my registry was sold at a yard sale or sitting in my garage 5 years later.

For the baby showers, if you know the babies' names, than maybe a personalized blanket would be nice.

Again, when it comes to decor and items around the house, I want to pick what I put out. I have a cabinet full of stuff that people have bought me over the years with tags on it of who gave it to me. When they come to visit, I set it out and when they leave, it goes back in the cabinet.

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answers from Dallas on

My standard wedding gift is a nice glass bowl from Crate&Barrel- goes with any decor and I'm always using mine as a base for a centerpiece or to serve dessert. They run about $35 and seem to go over well with everyone.

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answers from Kansas City on

I would highly recommend going off the registry. I'm sure both the brides and mommies-to-be have them. I have to also agree that I'm not so into "creative" wedding gifts. I prefered to get what I registered for or cash (or gift cards). That's not to say that all other gifts weren't appreciated but there were a number that I didn't keep.

As far as baby gifts, if there is no registry then I'd do something useful, but also maybe "fun". I got this cute duck that held scented diaper bags that I could fit into my bag or purse, that was fun and useful. It was made by Munchkin. Most of their stuff is pretty fab. You could do bath toys or washclothes and towels. They make really cute hooded towels that are animals. I found cute ones at Carter's, Target and Pottery Barn. I did love hooded towels! ;) If you're wanting to spend more you can do a travel swing, an exersaucer, an infant play mat. Diapers and wipes are always needed too. I find that if the sex of the baby is known, people only like to buy clothes, which are useful to an extent, but can easily be overwhelming...so my advice is to get something that can be used for a long time!

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answers from New York on

Didn't anyone register? If so, go off the registry.

Cash is nice, too!!

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answers from Washington DC on

I do a christmas theme for weddings -- I get a very special ornament like a Lladro or Beleek or Lenox. They are expensive, but they are something the couple will always have. Ditto for the baby gift.

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answers from St. Louis on

forget the metal plate....go with glass. & I would make it just generic decor... as opposed to the wedding invitation.

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answers from Chicago on

Here is my favortie wedding gift. A Vermont Wishbowl...what is it? A handmade wooden bowl that an artist paints using words that represent your best thoughts, hopes, dreams, for the couple. Check out the web site.


If you allow enought time you can customize all of the words on it and on the back put your own personal message and their names and wedding date. I have given this gift to several friends that have gotten married. We also got two of these on our wedding..love them.


You have up to a year to send a gift so for the ones soon....just send it after the wedding.

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answers from New York on

Gift Certificate to Macys or another major department store
Something off of their registry- that's what they're for!
Beautiful crystal vase

I know I'm probably in the minority here (and not being ungrateful, just honest), I'm not a "kitchy" person and really don't want people to be overly "creative" in what they buy! We received a Lenox platter for our wedding that was engraved with our name and the date. I hated it. Really really hated it- I would never use it, didn't register for it, didn't register for anything like it! Thankfully, Lenox will return anything if you don't like it regardless of the engraving (who knew?)!

When we got married, one of my husband's cousins gave us a beautiful set of "real" Christmas ornaments- you know the elegant glass ones that are really stunning on the tree! She knew how much he loves Christmas and she added a little note that every couple should have a beautiful set of ornaments to celebrate their first married Christmas together. We still love them (and keep the note tucked in the box). You could see if you can find some at this time of year- we were married in September, but I think she bought them well ahead of time.

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answers from Rochester on

As many have said, check their registry for a gift...or get cash, check, or gift card to one of the places they registered at. I prefer to order my gifts online and have them sent directly to the intended. That way, I don't have to remember to bring it to the wedding and they get it right at their door.

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answers from Cleveland on

what about a throw with their names and wedding date on it. Things Remembered makes them.

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answers from Washington DC on

Baby Showers:
I always do a basket with a theme.
Diaper theme:
- Diaper Champ, or just regular trash basket, or diaper bag
- some scented bags for the diaper bag,
- a pack of Pampers size 1 diapers,
- some wipes,
- some Desitin,
- some cute onesies

Tub time:
- baby tub
- towels
- regular washclothes
- aveeno wash/lotions

Wash / Wear:
- hamper or clothes basket
- Dreft or All clear
- some onesies
- some blankets
- some socks

For the Weddings:
I would get something from the registry, a gift card to Target or Bed Bath Beyond.
If you want to do something personalized, you could do the chunky tumblers with their initial, or coasters, some decorative trivets, a nice set of pans/ cookware.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Well, you said wedding and baby showers. I have noticed that at baby showers the best gift is something small, and a gift card to somewhere like babies r us. They get to many duplicates, that way you know she will get something she really needs. Now regarding weddings. If you are only going to the shower, a check or money order, these young people could use it to help pay for their honeymoon or something they really need., but if you are going to both the shower and the wedding, just a small gift for the bride,at the shower like a picture fame, photo album ect... and give cash at the wedding, some couples set up a table with a place for cards, sign your card and put the dollar amount in the corner. But you could do something special and start a money dress on her. While she is dancing, have your husband or partner cut in or even you and tag a 50 or 100 bill on her dress and start something and the rest of the people will follow. Newlyweds can always use money.
Have fun...



answers from Chicago on

Scrap trying to find a gift for the weddings. get a nice card and put the hundred bucks in it. that is what they need in this economy way more than a monogrammed doodad to put away in a drawer. as far as the baby showers go most people are registered for what they need. make it easy on yourself and just look up online the registry


answers from Fort Collins on

If you really want to go with the engraved plate idea. You can get a simple glass plate from Walmart ($1) and some nice stencils (less than $5) and some glass etching solution (less than $5, I think). Wash the plate, apply the stencils however you chose and then apply the solution..... and tada!!! a very expensive looking custom made plate!

Good Luck


answers from Pittsburgh on

I always like to give photo frames. Both the bride and the baby mommy will treasure the photos from these special days.


answers from Dallas on

I love Waterford crystal and it is something most people would not buy themselves. You can get some beautiful little waterford pieces for the $50 range including things for baby.

I like Baby's first Christmas things. We also collect numismatics and I always give children a Morgan Silver Dollar or a proof set of their birth year.

You can find numismatics at gold and silver shops. Waterford can be found an good department stores.

Other than that, find something off the registry.

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