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Updated on August 19, 2011
T.M. asks from Tampa, FL
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I think that my over range hood/microwave just crapped out. It will not heat anything...although it will start and run. How the heck is a full-time working Mom supposed to cook dinner without a microwave. I am thinking that I might need to go straight to replacement. Since it is about $75 just to have a repairman come out to look at it. Any ideas.

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Of course I am going to end up replacing it. Repairing it even if feasible would cost at least half as much as a new one. This one is at least 5 years old or more. Yes, I can cook things on the stove and in the regular oven. I just typically do rice and vegtables in the microwave.

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answers from Roanoke on

I would replace it, especially if it's old. They're not too expensive, and it'd be easier than setting up an appointment for a repair guy come out and fix it.

Until then, why not try using the oven or stove?

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answers from Chicago on

If it is 5 yrs old or more, replace. Over range microwaves are only meant to last 5 to 8 yrs max. I found this out recently when looking into ours because it was not properly hooked up for total venting and you get a little air on the side of the cabinet it is under.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would think that microwaves are not cost-effective to repair.
I'd replace it.

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answers from Medford on

Ours has done that a couple times over the years and we replaced them both times. The repair was a lot, and replacing meant we had a new one all clean and nice, installed right away instead of 2 weeks repair time. I also suggest you go buy a cheap counter top modle to use for a few days or weeks until you have time, or money to replace the hood oven. I keep a cheap microwave in the garage just in case. Nice $30 purchase for the times we needed to replace the big one. The vent and light still work so if you need to wait to replace it, you can at least be cooking in the spare one.


answers from Austin on

We have an over-the range microwave that we have gotten repaired twice. If it breaks again we'll buy a new one. Once was the display panel, which we were able to take off and mail away to a repair place fairly inexpensively. The second time was the part that does the heating- more expensive but partially covered by a warranty. We took the microwave off the wall and brought it to a local repair place, but in the process we cracked the handle.

Do you have pots with steamer baskets to do vegetables on the stove? Boil in the bag rice is quick, or what about brown rice in a pressure cooker?


answers from Washington DC on

If it's cheaper to get it repaired instead of getting a new one, then do that. But, until then, just use the stove. You can steam your veggies on the stove, and cook your rice on the stove too. I have never even used the microwave to cook those things. I usually only use the microwave to either re heat left overs or melt butter quickly, but that's it really.


answers from Washington DC on

We got ours a little over 18 months ago from Best Buy for under $200...it is stainless steel, but they were moving on to the new models. You would probably spend that much to fix it, unfortunately.


answers from Washington DC on

T. - you can buy a brand new microwave for $125 at Home Depot...I would rather have a brand new one that is more energy efficient than pay $75 to have a repairman come out and then fork over more for the parts...

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