Ovarian Cyst Treatment --Lupron Depot

Updated on July 11, 2009
L.P. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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This request is for my 46 year old mother. She has been suffering with an ovarian cyst for quite a while now (it was finally found last month). She has had a hysterectomy years ago but they saved her ovaries so that she would not go into menopause. Every month she has extremely bad abdominal pain which they finally found is from the cyst. Her doctor would like to put her on the once a month shot of Lupron Depot and basically shut down her ovaries for a year. The problem is the shot is extremely expensive and unsure of the effects it will have on her body. She would greatly appreciate hearing about others stories and what they did for treatment.

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I heard Lupron has some bad side effect. One is it effect the brain conection for thinking and memorie and you don’t get that back. I don’t remember where I found that out.. Also there is a type of doctor who can just remove the cyst and leave the ovaries. If this was me and all I found out about the ovaries I wouldn’t have the ovaries removed. No matter what the doctor says you can never replace your own hormones. The doctors only know of four types that the ovaries products. Women procude many more hormones then they know of. I will search and see if I can find the name of the type of doctor that just takes out the cyst and leave the ovaries. Ovaries work for the rest of a women's lives. Doctors tell you they shut down at menopause. Which is wrong. The eggs shut down but the ovaries produce hormones your whole life.



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I took Zoladex (which is very similar to Lupron - it shuts down the ovaries/estrogen production) for 5 years as part of a cancer treatment.

The only side effects I had were hot flashes - it puts you into chemical menopause. I was 28 at the time so my hot flashes were really bad. However, my doctor has said that the closer you are to natural menopause, the lesser the side effects.

I really had no other side effects with it. Ask about Zoladex - you can get it in a 3 month dose - so you only go to the doctor every three months.

Good luck to your mom!



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I am on Metformin for my ovarian cysts. I have also been put on BCP to help them, too



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L., I sincerely hope your mother and her doctors are able to help her to keep her ovaries, and enable her to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.
My mother's situation is a little different: she was experiencing symptoms related to stomach cancer/ovarian cancer. She learned that there were malignant tumors on her ovaries. After a complete hyster, she had chemo. After a few years of chemo she passed away. She really should have had a complete hyster years before that...but that's another issue. My point is this: your mom should at least consider having those ovaries removed to decrease further risk.


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I have been dealing with ovarian cyst for a few years now (ever since I had my daughter) here is the run down that they gave me:

I can go on some form of birth control (not all are the same but they did give me 3 choices, have not tried anything yet so can't say if they help or not)... I would ask for another suggestion from the OB-GYN about other birth controls because there is more then one option (at least that is what I was told)

If the cyst dose not go away in X amount of time my OBGYN said they would do surgery to remove the cysts since it is causing me so much pain... BUT mine usually "burst" every few months and another starts to grow so I have never needed surgery yet (know on wood).

As a very last resort my OBGYN said that if they keep growing and causing pain in a few years she might suggest removing the one ovary that is always growing cysts... my OBGYN said this could really mess up my cycles, hormones you name it BUT I have already started to show signs of pre-menopause so in a few years we will see where I am at.

I would also have your mother get a second opinion if you can... I am in the process of trying to find an OBGYN that might have some alternative solutions but so far I get the same answer 'most women get them but never notices them, so try to ride the pain out and we will see where you are in a few months or next year. If the paint gets really bad we will fax a prescription for some pain killer.' I am not happy with that answer and when they burst I am in bed for at least two days so that is why I am on a search for a different OBGYN.

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