Outside Vendors at Mom-to-Mom Sales

Updated on November 29, 2009
K.G. asks from Clinton Township, MI
4 answers

How do you feel about vendors being at mom-to-mom sales? Have you ever been a vendor at one; and if so was it successful?


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answers from Detroit on

I used to sell Usborne Children's books and did many mom to mom sales. I always did well. The first hour or so is JUST people looking for the deals. But after that they would take their time and look.

Definitely do them with the mindset of getting leads vs. selling. Thinking long term about building. I would get leads for shows, consultants and book fairs at schools and would also usually sell around $250 worth of books.



answers from Detroit on

If its not baby related probably won't do well moms go to mom to mom sales for baby or kids stuff not grown up there looking for good deals on clothes and toys and stuff.



answers from Detroit on

I don't like them. personally, i feel a little cheated when they advertise 75 tables, and 10 of them are vendors. I never look. i don't have a lot of money to spend, that's why i shop mom 2 moms!



answers from Detroit on

Hi K.,

Personally, I think a discriminatory amount of vendors, with products related to the sale is great. Especially if the vendors are donating a portion of their sales to the event/charity/group. There a tons of creative, new companies out there looking for venues...How about Face Painters and Temporary Tattoo artists...

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