Our Son 14 Now Has Suffered from Nausea for the past 5 Years .

Updated on September 11, 2018
C.S. asks from Boston, MA
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he has had all the tests going and the doctors are no further forward . Thanks for all your replies. I was asking to see if anyone knew of another child with this one symptom of chronic nausea. He has had tests for ear imbalance(head MRI),full blood tests, H Pylori, coeliac, diabetes, lactose intolerance and more. He has been seen by gastro, neurology, a dietician and various other paediatricians.He started having this from the age of 9. It now is almost constant. It effects all aspects of his life,family times, fun times, and school.

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answers from Boston on

You're in (or near) Boston? Go to Children's Hospital and they will put together a team of specialists - GI, allergy, infectious disease, endocrinology, etc. as well as a social worker to provide support for all of you. No one should be this sick for 5 years.

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answers from Chicago on

I sounds like it could be anxiety. Talk and see if there are things that are bothering him. Either way, have him talk to a therapist - he may open up to someone else better than his parents.

Best of luck.

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answers from Washington DC on


well, it sucks that the doctors aren't getting anywhere.

but my guess is that new doctors will serve you better than strangers without medical degrees on the internet.

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answers from Portland on

He's had allergy testing?

You don't mention if you kept logs of when/how often it happens. I am assuming you do after 5 years.

My husband had abdominal/nausea type migraines as a child - not always with pain. Migraines can be 'silent' (no pain present). You consulted with neurologists - did they mention this? They have preventative meds - sometimes they put people on these to see if symptoms clear up.

You could keep a log to see if there were any triggers before his nausea. There are some well known migraine triggers. You could try eliminating them one by one to see if his situation improves.

My only other thought is nausea is often from psychological stress. All this testing etc. may have caused him duress - and if he had anxiety then has he seen a counselor? That may help. One of my children had a bought of anxiety and her only symptom was feeling an upset tummy.


Are you asking what we think it might be based on our experiences? The website has been acting up today so maybe you got cut off.

Migraines, vision issues, inner ear (vertigo), constipation, anxiety ... come to mind.

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answers from Appleton on

Has he been tested for celiac disease?

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answers from Anniston on

My daughter is 9 and been suffering the same thing but with vomiting. Dr's done all kinds of test and all they can come up with is she has a nervous stomach. Wanted to put her on nerve pills but I won't allow that at this age. Looking for something else to help. Hope this helps you!

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answers from New York on

I'm so sorry to hear about your son. Is he eating gluten and dairy? So many of our wheat in this country is sprayed with glyphosate which can harm our microbiome. I would try cutting out these two food groups and see how he does after one month.



answers from New York on

Has he been tested for Gastroparises? I know someone who was diagnosed with this a few years ago and that was basically their main issue - chronic nausea.



answers from Boston on

You did not mention support from a therapist. I think he needs that at this point.



answers from Miami on

Could it be anxiety? I know I have stomach issues due to anxiety and when I am nervous, like before a test, surgery, even something as minimal as where I will park when I attend an event, it gets worse and I may feel nausea. Also, anxiety and IBS go hand in hand, and IBS can cause symptoms of nausea, so that may be what he is experiencing. There could also be some type of gut bacteria imbalance, and may need probiotics. I think there are other things like Crohn's, gastroparesis and immune disorders that can cause nausea, maybe a vitamin or mineral deficiency could be at play. I'd consider trying other gastro doctors to look into these things, if your current doctor isn't getting you any results.

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