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Updated on October 28, 2008
S.B. asks from Hilliard, OH
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My husband and I have been trying to conceive for the last 6 months. My periods were very irregular anywhere from 21 to 39 days in length, mostly 39 days but I would always have a period. Well, I started Clomid last month and had my blood drawn on day 21 and I did ovulate but started my period on day 31. Now, it's the second month on Clomid and it is day 33 and I still haven't started. The pregnancy tests I took at home on day 29 and day 31 were negative. I figured I would test again tomorrow on day 34. I guess if I don't get my period this week I will call my OB. Anyone else have a similar experience? I would love to hear from you. FYI- I am only taking 50 mg of Clomid day 3-7 of my cycle.

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So What Happened?

Well, I ended up starting my period on Day 36. Actually I was kind of relieved because I knew in my heart I wasn't pregnant even though I was late. My doctor did up my dosage to 100mg so hopefully it will work this month. I am very hopeful. Thanks for all your kind words. I would appreciate any prayers that anyone wants to send my way!

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answers from Toledo on

I have lots of Clomid experience; all three of my kids were conceived while using it. I hardly have periods or ovulate on my own, so I kicked off my Clomid cycles with Prometrium.
I started with 50 mg for month 1 trying for first baby, but we didn't think I ovulated, then I used 150 mg on days 3-7 for the next two months and conceived my first baby on month 3.
After breastfeeding that baby for a year, I didn't get a period until she was 18 months so we started Clomid again at 150 on days 3-7 and it took 6 months to conceive #2. That was frustrating.
After breastfeeding her for a year also, I started Clomid right away and got lucky conceiving #3 on the second cycle.

I had horrible side effects while on it for the first time, but not as bad for #2 and #3.

Good luck to you!

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answers from Columbus on

I second the opinion to see a Reproductive Endo doc. I was on clomid over a year with my regular GYN and found out later you shouldn't take just Clomid for that long a time, it will either work or it won't. The RE thought I had good hormone levels on clomid so he put me back on it but timed the ovulation with and injectible (I can't recall what it was--I think HCG) that had to be injected the night before the artificial insemination was scheduled so I would ovulate when that happened. First cycle--nothing, second cycle a tubal and after a three month wait for my hormones to return to 'normal', my now 9 yo daughter was the result.

I ended up going on it again to try to conceive after experiencing a spontaneous pregnancy (no meds) that resulted in a miscarriage (this was now when I had remarried) and only took it 3 months at a time. I didn't do the artificial insemination, just Clomid (I was bumped to 100mg btw) and I had no success. We finally gave up but didn't prevent anything and I got pregnant on my own with my now 3yo and when she was just 6 months and I was 40 I found out I was pregnant again.

Good luck to you.

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answers from Cincinnati on

Sounds typical for someone starting on Clomid (50mgs 3-7). The most important piece of advice I can give is to be patient. Infertility varies from woman to woman and sometimes it takes a little 'investigation' to determine what combination of meds, etc. works best. While our ER started with the most basic treatments (similar to what you experienced), she was also sensitive of our time and age and adjusted after two failed cycles. After 50 mgs, we tried with hCG to stimulate ovulation. When that didn't work, we upped the Clomid, then added in the hCG. What finally worked for us was the injectable drugs with Clomid and the hCG and IUI. I won't lie - it was emotionally stressful and time consuming. All those 'every other day' trips to check blood hormone levels and transvaginal ultrasounds to see if follicles were being stimulated only to find out fertilization did not occur was sometimes tough to deal with. But the best thing you can do is continue to be patient and try not to get too stressed out about it since the stress does nothing productive in your body when trying to conceive.

Fast forward three years from the initiation of my fertility treatments, including a miscarriage and a minor repro surgery...We just so happened to have intercourse for the heck of it as opposed to 'oh my gosh, we have to get pregnant' and it happened. Talk about dumb luck (seriously...I have PCOS and have never had regular periods in my life ever)! We have a wonderful 19 month old who is the love of our lives.

Maintain lots of open communication with your doctor. If you're not seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist, you might wish to go to someone who specializes in this sort of thing as opposed to a generalist GYN. Good luck to you!



answers from Columbus on

Hi - I got pregnant with my daughter on 4 cycles of 50 mg of Clomid. I took 2 pregnancy tests that were both negative as well, but I was pregnant, so I'd recommend getting your blood drawn. We're now trying to conceive our 2nd and I'm on 200 mg of Clomid. This is the 6 month so if I don't get pregnant, we have to look into fertility shots. Ugh.......so I'm hoping this will be the month! BEst of luck to you..



answers from Cleveland on

I took clomid to try to get pregnant. The first round did result in ovulation but no pregnancy. My doctor doubled my dose for the second round...again there was ovulation but no pregnancy and this time I didn't get my period. After consulting with my doctor and a number of pregnancy tests coming back negative, my doctor prescribed a drug that induces periods so we could continue on the clomid route. Anyways...one more round of clomid after that and I stopped. I was completely fine while taking the clomid...but I was exhausted after taking the round of medication. Well...about 7 months later we got pregnany without any medication or assistance. And now, our daughter is almost 2 years old. I hope this helps :-)



answers from Fort Wayne on

Same song dif verse. I had irregular periods after baby number 1. Took Clomid, third time was the charm for us.

My advice: Don't turn sex into a chore. Do everything you can to keep it "Making Love" not "Making Babies" We used scheduled, every three day, morning sex to focus on pregnancy. If it happened at other times, that was just for fun.



answers from Cincinnati on

Sounds exactly like what my husband and I experienced. We have a 2 year old and had no problems getting pregnant with her. When we started trying for number 2 we just weren't. We tried nearly a year. We did 3 rounds of Clomid, but we did from about day 5 to 9. When I was late, the tests I took were negative and unfortunately accurate. From what I read, the next steps are usually to increase the amount and start you a few days earlier - looks like you are already starting the Clomid early. They do say contact your doctor on day 35 if you have not had a period - you may want to wait to take a test until that day.

I begged my doctor to give me one last round of Clomid because I wasn't able to start at the fertility specialist until the next month and I didn't want to stop trying something.

Funny thing was, my husband and I were going on a long weekend trip and after begging my doctor to give me another round, I ended up forgetting to take one of my pills and totally ignored the schedule that you are on with Clomid - that was the month we got pregnant.

Hang in there - good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I took Clomid for my first son because my cycles were also irregular and on the long side. It took me two rounds of it, and the dosage was upped to 100mg on the second round. I was still on a 35 day cycle even with the Clomid, which surprised my doctor, but I still got pregnant! Oh, and I had negative pregnancy tests when I was actually pregnant even when I tested at day 32.



answers from Mansfield on

Hi S.,
My sister was on clomid when she concieved her son. She had very low progesterone levels that prevented her from ovulating and carrying a pregnancy. After two or three months on clomid she began to ovulate. The doctor had it down to the minute of when she and her husband were supposed to have intercourse. They concieved at that time. I think she was on a low dose as well. She had a great doctor who was commited to helping them have a baby. Before when they first started to try to have a baby she got pregnant twice (which is rare because she was not really ovulating) and lost the babies due to low progesterone (i am not sure if that is how you spell it)levels. Once she took two cycles her levels went up and she began to ovulate. Everyone is different so do not get discouraged when it doesn't happen right away. I could be wrong but I remember hearing that there is only a 1-3 day span when it is possible to become pregnant after ovulation. I had no idea until I was trying for my second and it took us almost 9 months to concieve. I wish you and your husband luck in concieving your next child!



answers from Toledo on

have you tried the hgc ( i think that is the name)shot that goes with the clomid. It makes you ovulate within 24-36 hours so that you know that you have three days to get things done. I had to sue clomid for both of my preg. but i also had to use 100mg to make my eggs grow and be preparied you could wind up with multiples i had a singleton my first time and just had twins in april using the same type and dose of meds. it also took me two months to find out what was the right dose to take to make my eggs develop

good luck i hope this helps



answers from Lafayette on

I think what you are going through is not abnormal. I was on low-dose Clomid and got pregnant for my 1st son the first month. Then tried on our own and conceived but lost that baby at 21 weeks. Then had to take progesterone to have a period and high-dose Clomid to ovulate and on the 2nd ovulation (month 7) conceived our second son. Then a few years later we tried again. High dose Clomid for 6 months on and 6 months off and then finally had IUI with clomid to conceive our 3rd son. Oddly, when he was not even a year old, we surprisingly got pregnant on our own. My periods were always (with or without clomid) 30-54 days apart. The weird thing about me when I take clomid is that my husband touching me gives me the creepy crawlies (only on clomid!!!). And I am moodier while taking it, but very calm and happy when not. I know everyone tells you to "relax and it will happen" and I know how difficult it is. Just try to know that you are not alone! There are SOOO many of us out there who are in the same boat as you! Good luck. I hope it happens soon for you and you don't have to endure this much longer. Each time I didn't get my period at 30 days, I KNEW I probably wasn't pregnant, but ALWAYS got my hopes up just to be disappointed and feel stupid that I actually thought I might be. My heart goes out to anyone going through that. Good luck and take care.



answers from Indianapolis on


I took clomid (varying amounts on varying days depending on the cycle) for 6 cycles, and it was no help. I know it's worked for others, just never worked for me because I had too much other stuff going on for it to "get the job done." They'll try clomid from 2-6 cycles before referring to a specialist, and since you've indicated you already have irregular cycles, I'd say seeing the specialist would be a good idea.

One of the next steps will be a hysterosalpingogram - that'll check to see if your tubes are open. They'll also likely run blood tests to see if something like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome might be a factor causing the irregular periods. And they'll likely do a laparoscopy to see if something like endometriosis is causing any trouble. IF they can do the laparoscopy and the hysterosalpingogram at the same time, DO IT!! The laparoscopy, they'll knock you out, and they don't witht he hysterosalpingogram, and it's very uncomfortable.

I went through 2 cycles with a dr. in noblesville and have 2 daughters. I know this is so above average, but he does have better than average odds. I'd be happy to give you his info (name, phone number, and office address) if you're interested, and answer any questions you might have about what we went through.



answers from Cleveland on

I am currently pregnant with my first child. I did conceive while on Clomid. My periods were anywhere from 30-52 days apart. The fist cycle I tried I only took 50 mg. The second month/cycle I was bumped up to 100 mg and successfully conceived. Maybe talking to your doctor about bumping up the dosage would be helpful. Good luck!



answers from Toledo on

Hi S.,

I've had success w/ Clomid...my 3 1/2 yr-old boy/girl twins! But the journey was very difficult.

We were diagnosed w/ secondary infertility; first daughter easily conceived, so was second pg but miscarried, then almost 2 yrs and nothing (I was only 28 by this time.)

Periods normal, I was just not releasing an egg at each ovulation. I had one more naturally conceived pg that miscarried before trying Clomid, and conceived first month on that (I believed 50mg, d3-7), but a chromosome disorder ended the pg at 8wks...ugh!!!) So...tried Clomid, hCG and IUI, failed;had hysterosalpingogram, normal; tried Clomid w/ injectable (Repronex) plus hCG to ensure release of eggs, and IUI=my twins. It was hard, truly the roller coaster that they say infertility is, but perseverence is essential!

And prayer!

So, w/ a 6yr age difference in between my older daughter and her siblings, this isn't what I had envisioned many yrs ago. This is so much better!!!





answers from Cleveland on

I tried clomid, but it didn't do anything for me. I was still irregular with my periods, and, although I ovulated, I still wasn't getting pregnant. We tried for two years. We finally gave up. I got pregnant three months later. (My doctor says the clomid was probably still in my system, and that's why I got pregnant, but I don't buy that.)

Both times that I got pregnant, I had two things that were consistent - my mom's bible study group prayed for it, and I was under a chiropractor's care! Whatever works! :)

Best of luck to you, S.. I know it is REALLY REALLY hard, but try to not stress over it (try yoga) and have faith that it will happen. I'll say a prayer for you, too.

Blessings, J.

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