Other than Babies R Us...good Place to Find Crib/furn in Berks Area?

Updated on July 26, 2008
C.C. asks from Reading, PA
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Looking for a crib/furn and wanted to know if anyone knew of a place (other than Babies R Us) to go in Berks or surrounding area. I hear the Amish make wonderful cribs but not sure of a place to go. Was also thinking of the Morgantown Furn Outlet Mall...never been.

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for your suggestions. Went to Lancaster to Baby Depot and they had many cribs, just not the one we had in mind. Also called around the Amish furniture stores I found from the Lancaster county site, but none I called made cribs and could not recommend a place. We needed up finding the crib we were looking for at the last place I thought we would find it...Babies R Us (go figure). The trip to Lancaster was not a total loss, went to the new Pottery Barn Baby/Kids Outlet (next to Reading China & Glass) and found the bedding for the crib. They did not have a lot of baby items (except clothes) but they do have a TON of items for old children (bedding, furniture, etc). Thank you, again for your help!

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If you are ok with used things. Reading Cheapcycle is good. It's on Yahoo groups and also Craigs list. You can get a lot of great kids things there also. And you can get rid of stuff when your kids out grow it! :)



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The baby furniture store at Morgantown moved to Pottstown. That's where we got our son's stuff. We love the furniture, but it was very difficult to get the items even after we paid in full. Apparently, the store only places an order with the manufacturer after they have a full delivery order to save on costs. They never got a full order, so we ended up having to take the floor model furniture to get our stuff in time for our son's birth. If we had been told about that policy upfront, we would've just found something at Babies R Us.

I know there is a Amish store down by Shady Maple, but not sure where else in the area. Good luck!



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Try Burlington Coat Factory. It is the same old stuff, but cheap.



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we got our crib at baby depot which is part of Burlington Coat factory. It was great and they had it in stock. It has held up very well and will convert into a toddler bed and a full bed when the time comes.

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