Other Online Mommy Groups for Portland Area?

Updated on September 10, 2008
K.P. asks from Portland, OR
8 answers

Hi All,

My husband and I just moved to Portland due to a job opportunity. We have a three and seven year old boys and back in Denver, I was a member of a large neighborhood specific group that I loved. I think it had 5000 members and it was for the neighborhood I lived in. This group was done through yahoo and then when it got too big, went to a new group service offered by Findsmith.com (or something of that nature). I would love to get active in a group of that fashion again. It was great for resources and everything. We are moving into a house at SE 54th and Division. I am not sure what neighborhood that is but if anyone knows of any other groups or even that neighborhood maybe they have their own group, please let me know.

Thank you.


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answers from Portland on

Hi K.,

you can find all different kinds of groups for socializing and also Moms and kids playgroups on www.meetup.com.
I belong to this one: http://moms.meetup.com/1118/
it's called Forever Fun Portland Mom and Dad Group and families are great, fun and friendly, doing lots of activities for kids and parents. Check it out just to get an idea. It's not exactly in your neighborhood but you can find groups on the meetup website closer to your home. Welcome to Portland !



answers from Portland on

You are very close to the Mt. Tabor commons and the group cafe au'play which is helping to build a neighborhood community space near the dairy queen. You should check them out and see if you can get involved they seem like a terrific group. The Mt. Tabor neighborhood is extreemly active and I'm sure you can make plenty of good connections there!


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Hi K.!
You are moving into my old neighborhood. You will be right by Franklin High School and a fabulous park. My daughters went to Mt. Tabor Co-op Preschool and we loved it! You may want to check out our website at http://www.portlandpreschooldirectory.com, where we have local preschools listed as well as a parent resource page with local moms groups and parent websites. Good luck and welcome to Portland!
~P. G.
Preschool Directories Dot Com
Coming Soon.....Vancouver Preschool Directory!



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Dear K.,

Yes, that's a fun neighborhood and I lived off Division for many years. I'm part of a great group called Mothers and More, which offers all sorts of activities for moms and families. We've got a bunch of active members on the east side and you can check out our website for more information. We've got an Open House on October 21st, 7-9 p.m. at the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub on Hawthorne, and many of our other activities are open to prospective members.


Good luck finding community,



answers from Portland on

I've never heard of Findsmith.com but some groups around town are M.o.p.s, you can get a local church for info on this group. You might find a group through, Meetup.com or there is a local chapter in many areas around Portland of Mom's club.
(I think that's the name)
Welcome to Oregon and good luck!



answers from Portland on

Hi K.,
Well you are moving right into our neighbourhood!
Our group is called South Tabor Tots (you can find it on yahoo groups). It is a fairly new, small but growing group of mamas/dads and kids. Technically the South Tabor neighbourhood boundaries are 52nd-82nd between Division and Powell, but anyone else reading this that lives close is welcome to join. Once you are a member of the group you can access our database and look up other families that live in your quadrant, have kids of similar ages, or parents with similar work schedules/professions etc. You can also send me a personal message if you want to get in touch!



answers from Portland on

hi K. and welcome to oregon! im sure you going to love it here! i have a yahoo group for stay at home mommies in oregon that you can take a peek at if you would like, and then of course join if you think it looks like something you would like to be a part of.


again, welcome to the beautiful state of oregon :)


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