Other Deceptive Ways Teens Get Drunk

Updated on January 29, 2010
A.K. asks from Hingham, MA
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I was poking around the internet reading up on advice for bullied children when I came across this website, Radical Parenting, which is written by a teen for parents. My first impression is that Radical Parenting has some interesting inside information on today's teens. (Its sister site, Radical Teenagers, is for teens, but I haven't checked that out yet.)

I learned the other day about teens getting drunk by inserting vodka-soaked tampons into you-know-where. I was shocked, to say the least. Other mamas answered that they had heard of it, a few had family members in the medical field who had actually treated teens for it, and yet others disbelieved it.

I was wondering what other deceptive ways teens use to get drunk these days but didn't get any suggestions. When I was on Radical Parenting, I found a small article that says teens sometimes inject alcohol into fruit like oranges. Another interesting way to imbibe but not as shocking as the tampons, thankfully.

If you're interested, here's the article:

Does anyone else know of any other ways? Not only am I curious, but I'd like to be informed as a parent. Thanks for your help.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm sorry, I feel the need for deception is unnecessary. The bigger deal you make out of it, the bigger deal THEY make out of it. There are SOOO many views on this. This is just how WE have chosen to handle the issue:

My Husband and I would rather our daughters (now 18 and 21) know their limits with us present, than to be out with friends and flip coins for a driver, or take nominations on the one who seems "the least drunk".

My husband and I are not big "drinkers", but have an ocassional drink with supper or in a social setting. Since our girls have been over 13/14, we've never made having a drink a big deal. Our older daughter was never really interested, but our younger one is a little (a LOT) more adventuresome. So, she's welcome to order a mixed drink if I'm having one.

We are extremely up for discussion with her about alcohol or anything else, and she knows it. She's NEVER had to sneak around to test the waters. Only once has she had to call for a safe ride, and I picked all three up and delivered them home. I did not chastise her, as I was just grateful she'd had the forsight to hide the friends' keys and make the call. Later, we did have a discussion about the party, and how the situation *should* have gone down... and *could* have gone down...

After a only few times of over indulging she's decided that it makes you look really stupid, and makes you feel REALLY bad later. So, as she's decided it's a LOT more fun to watch everyone ELSE make themselves look stupid, she OFFERS to be the designated driver whenever she and friends to go a party...etc. That way, we don't worry about her, she doesn't worry about her friends, and doesn't get teased for being "a prude" or "party pooper". Her truck will accomodate 5 plus her, so many times friends will offer to pay her diesel and any other charges if she'll just drive.

She'll still sip on a Margarita, or such with us, but it's not something that she does often, or over her safe zone. She says she's SO over the big deal of alcohol.


answers from Chicago on

who comes up with that stuff ???
I have to talk to my children later, if they heard of that, I hope I will not give them ay ideas??????????
But they do believe getting drunk and stoned is stupid..so far I'm lucky.
I'm from Germany, we can drink at age 16, it's crazy.
I remember my uncle was buying me a Rum coke mix when I was 14.
They are all crazy.
Well thank you for enlightening us............


answers from Norfolk on

I'm sure Alateen has heard them all. Watermelons injected with vodka are also popular and it's old news. How about a whiskey enema? An alcoholic can get drunk drinking mouthwash or vanilla extract.



answers from Dallas on

My understanding is that kids are trying to get drunk without being detected. ( Which is what I used to try to do.)
As if drunk behavior isn't a tip off- for some reason they think that if you can't smell it/see it then they won't get caught. What most people don't realize is that 90% of alcohol is excreted through the lungs. So even if they get it into their bodies in a route other than their mouths, the blood circulating through their lungs will release the alcohol on their breath. The same reason why brushing teeth doesn't get rid of alcohol breath.
It is up to you as a parent to call them out on their behavior and let them know they aren't getting away with anything.



answers from Mansfield on

Not really sure about deceptive ways teens are getting druck but I know there are some really gross and disturbing ways that they are getting high! Not to be too discriptive they are using there own (or someone elses) fecal matter. You can look that up on google!



answers from Salinas on

I tend to agree with Tina. As a former "wild teenager" I can assure you that there is no way to protect your kids from themselves if they want to drink other than locking them up. Rather than act like the police shouldn't we be developing the best, most open relationship with our kids that's possible? I was talking with a friend at a New Years Eve Party (both of us were drinking BTW) about the fact that it isn't the actual act of teenagers consuming alcohol that scares us so much as it's the decisions they will make while under the influence. Just a couple of drinks consumed by a teenage girl in the wrong environment can alter her choices just enough to result in tragedy. I think that by focusing on keeping kids away from alcohol and preaching complete abstinence we may be missing the point a little. My girls are only 7 & 11 but my husband and I plan on continuing to raise them in a very open an honest way that doesn't focus on the evils of alcohol so much as helping them to build their self esteem, make thoughtful decisions, think independently and hopefully come to us with problems or mistakes they've made. Not sure if this is the right way to go but I do know for sure that all teenagers push the limits at some point and unless they really understand why something is dangerous they may make a tragic life altering mistake. Just telling them not to do something and then trying to figure out every possible way they may deceive us will never work to keep them safe!



answers from Dallas on

When I was a teen, I thought we did everything when it came to getting drunk, but that tampon thing is disgusting. We would definitely put it in fruit and jello. Fill water bottles with vodka was easy. I would also put it in the individual juice containers and make screwdrivers. Both with the juice and water bottles it was very easy to take alcohol with me everywhere. I know people that when they went on school trips and other overnight trips with friends, they would put alcohol in shampoo bottles. Oh, we would also drink a little out of a soda can and fill it with alcohol. Don't forget kids also try to get drunk off of Robitussin and other cough syrups.

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