Oswego Area Preschool Recommendations

Updated on November 21, 2006
K.S. asks from Naperville, IL
4 answers

Hi. I'm kind of unhappy with my son's preschool for a variety of reasons and I'm looking for some recommendations for a new one.

Has anyone used LaPetite for only preschool and not the childcare? Or if you've used it for both, what did you think?

Does anyone know of anywhere good in the area that's not church-based?

Also, I've looked into the Oswegoland Park District. Anyone have any experience there either good or bad?


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So What Happened?

Thanks, everybody, for your recommendations. I toured a couple of places and decided that we'll stay where we are for the time being.

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Hi Kristen-

My son is 3y/o and he goes to Adventures in Learning on Ogden and Frontenac- He LOVES it there. The staff is wonderful! I was looking into Le Petite as well since I live right in Oswego but I needed someplace with a later pick up- If you would like more info on AIL feel free to e-mail me-




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Hi K., I am a licensed child care provider of 10 years. who will open my in home daycare in Bolingbrook on November 27, 2006. I currently have openings for the ages of your children. If this is not too far, you may e-mail me at ____@____.com

Thank You

P. D.



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I switched my 3 1/2 year old from a daycare in Oswego we were unhappy with to the Oswego Park e District. We have been very happy with the switch. When I say we I mean my Son and me. They have openings in the afternoons which is the time we go.



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We go to Cornerstone in Plainfield. Its a brand new and extremely nice home preschool. Here is their web site. http://cornerstone4kids.com/Home_Page.html

We were at OPD and were not happy with the teacher or the experience overall, although I love the park district in general. Cornerstone has worked out well and we are very pleased with the entire experience. We have already had evaluations, conferences and a short school program. Its great.

Good Luck!

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