Osteo Arthritis

Updated on September 23, 2010
S.R. asks from Houston, TX
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I was told today that I have osteo arthritis and i am only 41. He told me there is no treatment that I have to just deal with the pain. I also have a 3 1/2 year old daughter who is demanding. so it is hard to just ignore my pain, and also very hard to play with her sometimes Can anyone PLEASE give me some advice and a GREAT doc for a second opinion. I think i should get a bone destiny done but he said no. I really was not happy with him. ( he is a rheumatologist )
thank you
everyone opinion will be greatfully apprecitated.

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answers from Houston on

Definitely find a rheumatologist that can help you with pain management. Finding alternate treatments, like the Bios energy suggestions is definitely worth looking into too. Anything that can help!

I would also find a different doctor and not go back to that one again!

Hope you find a great provider!!

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answers from San Antonio on

Unfortunately your Doctor is right. I have seen people that have that illness and it is miserable. I am a Nurse (not working right now) I had a patient that was only 21 at that time and she would come in for some weekly injections and she was constantly in pain. If you want a second opinion you are entitled to it. I would see a Rheumatologist.

The best of luck to you,
Mommy of T.



answers from Dallas on

Couple of thoughts, there is a great supplement called Replenex which could help. I would also recommend, if you have not already done so, doing some homework. I would not be happy with this dr either and would check around for 2nd opinion -- perhaps with a doctor that might truly listen to you and give you all varieties of ways that can help. Keep us posted.



answers from College Station on

You have received some excellent advice. I want to comment about your 3 1/2 year-old. Talk to her and ask her to help you out.

You don't mention where the arthritis is (hands, back, neck?). For the back, the first thing she can do for you is only give you hugs when you are sitting on a chair. Ask her to never _pull_ on your arm (like when you are holding hands).

Ask her to do stretches and exercise with you! If you see a physical therapist, ask about ways to handle your pain when your daughter wants you to (oh, say) pick her up, kneel down on the floor, etc, as well as ask how your daughter can get involved with things that will help you!



answers from College Station on

My hubs has osteoarthritis in his lower back and was diagnosed at age 37. Glucosamine and chondroitin have helped as well as eating gelatin (Jell-o). Exercise is essential! You need to strengthen your muscles so they can take some of the work off your bones. He is fine most of the time, but will have flare ups. Those flares last anywhere from a day to a week. Steroids also help immensely to get the initial swelling down. THere are tons of treatments available to you. Just do your research.

The Dr. should have referred you to a physical therapist as well. My DH went to PT for 8 weeks when he was first diagnosed and it helped immensely. Biofreeze is great, but I react to it, so look for skin reactions to it.

I do suggest you go to an orthopedist or back Dr. (you don't say where your problem is) and get a 2nd opinion.

Good Luck!



answers from Houston on

I had horrible knee problems for about 15 yrs- from age 10-25!! When I'd see docs, specialists, etc they would just tell me it sounded like arthritis & put me on some mild pain reliever which was no better than something I could get OTC. When I finally saw my awesome orthopedist, he did an MRI and found that I only had a touch of arthritis behind my right knee (most pain was in my left). No one could explain why I had this crippling pain- there were days I couldn't even move it would hurt so bad!
At 25 I decided I was done living like this- I just couldn't take it any more. A friend of my recommended the best chiropractor! He doesn't do any bone cracking or adjustments in that way (I've never been to a "traditional" chiropractor, so I honestly can't compare), but instead uses a technique called BioEnergetic Synchronization Technique (BEST). It find the emotional roots & energy blockages which cause the pain. Within a couple of weeks (no kidding!) I was completely pain-free!! I couldn't believe it!! I've been seeing him for over 4 years now and he's helped with migraines, fertility issues, allergies, all sorts of things. Now when one of my issues acts up (which is rare), I know the trigger and can generally clear it myself.
He's got offices in The Woodlands (MWF) and the Medical Center (TT). Please check out his website: www.drsones.com
He has really worked miracles for me!



answers from Houston on

I would get a 2nd opinion for sure, start researching a diet that will help you combat arthritis (like lots of omega3) and buy a product called "biofreeze" ! It is the best secret out there....it is a product to help pain for all types of bone issues. Sold at Message Envy and a few Doctors. Wishing you the best!


answers from Houston on

You can get a second opinion on some things that can help reduce pain, it is hard to believe a rheumatologist would not give you any information or ways to deal with the pain. My mom has this, among other ailments and certain excersizes with physical therapy, and keeping her wrists tightly wrapped and taped, hot and cold packs, weight loss, nutrition as well as cortiscosteroid injections have helped.

There is no way to fully stop the disease, but there are ways to slow it's progression and help make the pain more bearable.

Scroll down to the Treatment section to see what al you can do:

Here are more suggestions:

Here are some articles on boosting nutrition to help:




answers from Wichita Falls on

I have had the same thing since age 35 and mainly, I exercise a lot and the doctor says that helps immensely. I have very little pain and she says that is why. Good luck to you!

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