Orthopedic Surgeon near Frisco Area!

Updated on August 02, 2011
S.M. asks from The Colony, TX
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I'm really nervous when it comes to surgeons because I like to know they do great jobs. I'm seeking a Foot surgeon in frisco area for myself. I am having some cosmetic issues with my toes & would like to talk to a surgeon about. If I can get some personal reviews that would be great!

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answers from Eugene on

First of all it IS....San Francisco. Unless you are talking about someplace else.
Why do you want to be in SFO. You don't say if it is for you or a child. Orthopedics is high specialized. The ankle man doesn't do hips and the hip specialist doesn't do backs. Pediatric cases are not handled those who operate on mature adults and so forth.
Say what you are looking for and then it will be easy to help you.


answers from Dallas on

www.posmc.com Plano Orthopedic Sports Medicine. I believe they have a satelitte office in Frisco.

The main office is on Plano Parkway in between Preston and the tollway.

The Dr.'s are top notch. We have used everyone of them I believe. If you go in wanting surgery you'll be unhappy. They go above and beyond to prevent you from going under the knife.

My husband avoided rotator cuff surgery when he diligently went to Physical Therapy and he is back on the gold course.

I avoided knee and foot surgery.

Dr. Sutker, Dr. Smith, Dr. Crates, are 3 I have worked with personally. I would go no where else nor would I take my cheerleader daughter to anyone else.



answers from Dallas on

I saw Dr. Joseph McNutt. The website is www.friscoortho.com. They are at Centennial Medical Center. I saw him for my knee and he was really nice and was willing to try everything before surgery because he really didn't think I needed the surgery yet. It's a degenerative condition so eventually I will and I will go back to him. My husband saw him for a dislocated shoulder and had him perform surgery to repair it. This was my husband's 5th dislocation. The surgery was minimally invasive and my husband was able to go home the same day. The surgery was on a Thursday and my husband was back to work on Monday with minimal pain. He specializes in sports medicine, which is what my husband and I prefer since our injuries were sports related and he could understand how we use our muscles differently due to the strains of the sports.



answers from Dallas on

Love the guy we see it's Barry Humeniuk he's at the Craig Ranch Hospital off the 121. He operated on my daughter and has just been a really good guy to work through her issues with. At one point when things were getting bad with my daughter (she has a hip issue), he invited me to go get a second opinion, he welcomed it. So, I went to another gentlemen in Grapevine that was recommended to me and he didn't tell me anything different. So, I kept with Dr. Humeniuk and I can honestly say we've had a great experience. Here is his Number: ###-###-####



answers from Dallas on

I saw Dr. Desai for my feet. He has a website that I liked. I just googled, and luckily found him. Had good reviews, fellowship in foot and ankle surgery, etc. I saw him at his Plano office, but I know he has an office in Frisco as well. Hope that helps!
Here is the website:



answers from Dallas on

Dr Joseph McNutt is an orthoped. surgeon at Centennial Medical Center at 121 &Coit Rd in Frisco. Not sure if he does cosmetic work but was my daughter's doctor when she broke her leg @ 5 years of age. Great guy, great office staff.

Frisco Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
Centennial Medical Pavilion 1
4401 Coit Road
Suite 407
Frisco , Texas 75035
Phone: ###-###-####
Fax: ###-###-####

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