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Updated on January 22, 2015
D.L. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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Can someone suggest for a me a good orthodontist in the Arlington/Grand Prairie area. Feel free to give your opinions.


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I don't know any in the Arlington / Grand Prarie limits but there are several good ones in Mansfield. We use Dr. Tardy at Tardy Orthodontics in Mansfield. Love her and her staff. I have heard good things about Dr. Birth. (Oh - she may be in Arlington.) I know Dr. Tardy does both adults and kids and I think Dr. Birth does also.

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Dr Jed Hildebrand...Hildebrand Orthodontics on I20 and Bowen. My daughter has been going there and he is great.

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Birth, Stewart & Fletcher on W. Bardin in Arlington. It used to be just Birth & Stewart, but I'm sure it's still basically the same. And I think they have other locations as well. My son got his braces there, and we never had any issues. Treatment actually didn't take as long as they had thought. They were very thorough in the beginning during consultation and explanation of payments/payment plan. Scheduling was always super easy, and they were considerate of my work schedule and my son's school and basketball schedule. And I think out of all those months of treatment, there was only one time that we had to sit in the waiting area for longer than usual. We were both happy with this office. And now my son has a beautiful smile!

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