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Updated on June 06, 2011
C.S. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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I have an island in my kitchen that has 3 drawers. The top one is smaller than the other two are very deep.The top drawer is my junk drawer and the middle one is for bowls. They seem to get all mixed up and out of order. The bottom drawer has things like small coolers and ice trays and stuff. I'm looking for advice on how to organize these drawers and what other people store in them. I have enough cupboards for the pots and pans. Help me get organized before school is out please!!!!!!!! Also where do people store their bread and chips? I go to peoples houses and there's nothing on their counter tops! I have a drawer for dish towels and drawers for baggies and such and a drawer for those big cups. When the drawer is so big is there a good way to organize it so everything isn't just thrown all over the place? I have dividers in my wide utensil drawer. I keep the coolers in the kitchen because we use them almost every weekend.There is a cabinet right above the fridge so I can't store anything on top of the fridge. Wow writing this makes it sound like I have so much storage space! lol

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Bread and chips go in a food cabinet. We call it the "snack cabinet" - chips, pretzels, cereal, crackers, raisins all that stuff go on the lower shelf and the bread etc goes on the higher shelf in the same cabinet.
We have a good size kitchen, but things that I do not use regulary get organized on shelves in the basement. If the ice trays are not in your freezer than they can probably be put somewhere else. Do you have a basement or other storage area? I keep picnic coolers in the basement also.

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answers from Chicago on

I wish I had your kitchen! Mine is way too small, I need to use my oven to store the big stuff :(

I would keep the junk drawer where it is, unless you have a better place for that stuff, but get a drawer organizer to keep like things together (for example, all the pens in one spot so you don't have to dig for one).

What kind of bowls? Plastic, food storage? I keep all my lids for plastic bowls in one of the large, rarely used containers. Then I stack all the bowls together in like sizes, so they can be easily found. I would like to have drawer for that stuff, so that everything could be easily accessed without having to take stuff out to get to the stuff in back. But you might consider changing it up and storing them elsewhere to see if it works better to keep them organized.

I just reorganized one of my cabinets, and the bottom shelf is now for "snack stuff" like chips. We try not to buy too much, so a bag or two will fit easily. Before, we used to keep chips on top of the refridgerator.
We keep bread in the refridgerator.

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answers from Savannah on

Bread and chips at my mom's and grandma's: the bread box. I haven't found one I like, so my bread goes on the middle shelf of the pantry (because I use it a lot) and the chips go on the bottom (snack shelf). I guess you should organize the kitchen according to what you do and how you move, lol. (Things are often opposite from what my husband thought they should be (stuff in the left drawer, he'd think was in the right) but we realized that I'm shorter than he is (so different shelves for different things) and I'm left handed, not right handed. Since it's my domain, I win. He can "decorate" and organize the garage. :P
The junk drawer in every house I've ever been in has been the first drawer on the right that is not on the side of the dishwasher. Like, if the lights go out and you're groping in the dark, what is the first drawer you come to? That's our junk drawer, with flashlights, lighters, batteries, scissors, "junk". I keep stuff that I need for the stove (spatulas, wooden spoons, pots, pans, casserole dishes) by the stove. The island is just extra, so for me, it is things I don't use EVERY day or things that could be by the stove, but not. (For me that's the small appliances: crockpots, steamer, food processor, blender, toaster, etc on bottom, and in the drawers are the miscellanious utensils that I don't use all the time (dinosaur bread cutter, cookie cutters, the pieces for the electric mixer, measuring spoons and cups, and the (what are they called??? the things that are fat on top and narrow on bottom, that you pour stuff from big to That's one drawer, and the other drawer is the everyday flatware (just because of where it is in relation to the dishwasher, and because I lay napkins and flatware on the island for my son to get and take to the table to "help" me set the table. The counters, cabinets, and drawers around the kitchen are other stuff. I dunno. Just...stuff. I have a bigger kitchen than I know what to do with, but have dedicated one whole section to parties (formal and informal) which is nice.



answers from Joplin on

We are fortunate to have a food pantry now, but our last home did not, so we just designated a cabinet that was the snack cabinet. I have one junk drawer for random things like flash light, matches in case of power going out, batteries, etc. I have a drawer for kitchen towels, back up ( new/unused sponges) and wash clothes. I have one drawer that is silver wear. I did buy one of those 3 drawer plastic containers to seperate my cookie cutters and multiple sets of measuring cups and the bottom drawer for those rarely used smaller sized gadgets ( like I have this little tiny food processor and another hand held chopper do-dad)
I have several cute crocks that sit on the top of my counter tops that have the utensils I use most frequently like my slotted spoons, whisk, etc. I am not a fan of cluttered counters...too hard to bake or cook with no counter space = )
You can buy little divider containers for junk drawers ( a life saver!)



answers from Sacramento on

Ugh I feel your pain. It's never ending isn't it?
I keep my bread on top of the fridge.
I keep chips either on top of the fridge or in cabinet above the sink/stove.
I keep a junk drawer (coupons, a tray that has little compartments for batteries, rubber bands, paper clips etc.
I have too much on counter as it is and hate it: small oven, coffee pot, bowl of sugar, big mixer, toaster, pencil cup, tray for mail, phone, fruit basket, spoon tray near stove (won't fit on stove).
Even tho we have lots of counter space (no island) it does not look like those model homes. :)
For the deep drawer can you store tupperware and dish towels?

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