Organic Shampoo and Conditioner for Me

Updated on December 25, 2009
H.J. asks from Carrollton, TX
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Most shampoos make my scalp itchy (even Aveeno's new line). I am looking for a organic shampoo and condtioner that will not make my medium thick straight hair to dry or too oily. I was thinking of checking out Burt's Bees or Jason's organic shampoos. Have you tried either of these? Or can you recommend an organic shampoo/conditioner that you like? I am not wanting to spend alot of money (i.e. Arbonne).

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answers from Dallas on

I use Shaklee's Prosante line. But you might like their baby shampoo even better. It is completely organic.

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I have naturally curly hair and have tried everything. Last year I switched to Wen by Chaz Dean. It is a cleansing conditioner and has made a world of difference in my locks.

I now get it off Check it out!

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answers from Albany on

I buy my shampoo fron these guys. its all nutural made from olive oil!


answers from Dallas on

I had the same problem, and my scalp seemed to be continually broken out. I switched.

The shampoos that say they are organic probably have some organic ingredients, but I'm not aware of an entirely organic product out there. Mine has all sorts of natural things in it and all my itching and breaking out went away. I use other styling products, but must be very careful there too, or the problem returns. So, I'd say be sure it is the Shampoo and not your styling product.

All that said here are the products I have found to work:
Of course my Shaklee. Anyone on mammasource often knows I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor and use many of the products myself. I use the shampoo, contiditioner and scalp treatment to make my hair thicker. I trust them and when I began just the shampoo and contitioner it was the first time in years my scalp was clear:

I also use the new morroccan oil:
JUST the plain oil. I really like it, but I tried the curling lotion and my scalp broke out.

And Kiehls. Neimans sells a line of Kiehls. It's great too. Pricey, but I use the leave in conditioner mixed with the morroccan oil. I think Kiehl's is a good line.

Hope this helps H.!


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Hi H.,
I use Nature's Gate. It's good and doesn't cost alot. Also it's not hard to find. Try Sprouts or any health food store.



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You should try MOP Modern Organic Products. They have products for different hair types and you should be able to find one that works well for you.


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I just had to say HI.. LOL!!

I am an Arbonne consultant and of course I was getting ready to respond.

I respect your opinion and am not going to try and persuade you to purchase anything.

I just wanted you to know you made me smile this morning.

I pray you have an awesome day!

Love you my friend!

Take care and God bless!




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Aubrey Organics has some lovely shampoos and conditioners. Check out, prices are very reasonable and there are tons of reviews. Some of these products are available in Sprouts/Central Market/Whole foods as well.

Another resource I frequent is and to research ingredients.

Also watch out for Fake Organic brands such as Avalon, Kiss my face etc:
More info at



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I have baby fine hair still and I have recently switched to Envia by Melaleuca. I have used all types of products from the $$$ to the $ and my hair is now much softer and easier to manage. And it is a natural shampoo too and goodness lasts forever.

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