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Updated on November 11, 2007
E.W. asks from Keller, TX
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This may be a dumb question, but it can't hurt to ask!! We have been using Similac Advance for my 9-month-old daughter for the past couple of months now, with no problems in regards to rashes or digestion. A couple of days ago, she started getting a stubborn diaper rash...not severe, just stubborn. We are using a combination of Lotrimin/diaper rash cream to treat it, and it IS improving, but in the meantime I thought I'd ask y'all's opinions on what might have caused it. Her pediatrician mentioned it's probably related to a sensitivity to something new in her diet. Last week we decided to try the Organic Similac Advance. It is the exact same nutrients as regular Similac Advance; they just use organic ingredients. I wouldn't think that the formulas would be that different, but I've noticed the powder itself looks a little different, the taste is different (yes, I tried it :) ), and the organic version actually SEPARATES into two layers if you leave it out (just like breastmilk does). I've never noticed another formula do that. So, what I'm wondering is, could her rash be due to the switch to organic formula??

Anyway I just wanted to find out if any of you have tried the organic versions of formula and if your kids have had similar reactions. Otherwise, the only other new thing I've tried recently is a baby fruit that has mango in it, so it might be that if it's not the formula. I just don't want to spend $28 per can on something that's going to irritate her tushy :) !!

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So What Happened?

I think it might have been the mango, as her rash was suddenly MUCH more clear this morning. We haven't done the mango in a couple of days, whereas we HAVE continued the organic formula; if it was the formula the rash wouldn't have cleared up. Thanks for your responses though!

And, yes, we did just start yogurt a couple of days ago (she hasn't been old enough for it until just now). Her problem was definitely not due to the fact that it was milk-based, because she had been using regular Similac Advance with no problems prior to using the Organic Similac Advance. It had to have been the mango. The kind I used was Earth's Best Stage 2 pear/mango baby food. She's had pear a bunch of times before with no problems. However, when I went back and read the label, I noticed that in addition to the pear, mango, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C...seems like all baby fruits add that), they also added citric acid!!! I know most babies can't tolerate citrus until they're at least a year old, so it's no wonder she had rash :) ! We also are big fans of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. We use both that and the Arbonne Diaper Rash cream; both of those work great for us. We have also discovered over a lot of trial and error when our babies were young that the only wipes we could ever use on either of them is Pampers wipes for Sensitive skin. Any other type or brand (even other brands claiming to be for sensitive skin) would give terrible rash. So, the rash is gone; thanks for all of your suggestions. I do think it was the mango and/or the citric acid added to it.

It's interesting that one of you mentioned Carnation Good Start. I think my children must have inherited my wacky digestive system. The first formula I ever tried with my younger daughter (right after stopping breastfeeding) was the Good Start with probiotics...she had SEVERE rash and diarrhea, which only stopped when I switched formulas. I started taking probiotics for myself at the same time and I also experienced terrible cramping and diarrhea. Guess our digestive systems are just backwards :) . Anyway thanks!

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We were unable to use the Similac Organic as it was cow milk derived... and our daughter could not tolerate it. We were primarily breastfeeding, however when I became pregnant with my second at around 6 months it became necessary to supplment... we eneded up using soy formula and she did just fine.

Beaudroux's Butt paste we found to be the most effective... and we quit using wipes all together and used water and a wash cloth... it did increase our wash load, but it was worth it for her hurting little bottom.



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My advice would be to either get the organic formula at health food stores( they also have it at baby's are us.. i forget the brand but it's not a mainstream), or contract a nutritionist. A lot of times they make their own from carrot juices and things that have high nutrition content. Let your baby play in the sun naked.



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I'm not big on Similac formula, i couldn't feed that to my kids, they all had carnation good start... off the formula concept tho, have u ever tried giving ur daughter yogurt? most diaper rashes are caused by yeast infections, and as a woman, the doctors that i have seen in the past have aleways suggested eating yogurt to help fight yeast infections. u might want to try it, before switching formulas. good luck!!!

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