Orange Rachel Ray Cast Iron Grill Pan - Everything Sticks to It!!

Updated on November 04, 2009
A.B. asks from Mesa, AZ
7 answers

Has someone else bought this thing? I love RAchel, so I know I must be doing something wrong....everything sticks to this thing. I spray it with tons of cooking spray and still it is caked and I have to scrub the heck out of it and it still doesn't look clean. Advise please....

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answers from Denver on

Sounds like it just needs more seasoning. Here's some info:

I don't think cooking spray will help; I think you have to use real fat. Good luck!

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answers from Albuquerque on

You got some good advice on seasoning. You'll need to cook with real fat and avoid the sprays: lard, tallow, coconut oil, butter and even olive oil.

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answers from Phoenix on

I have two cast iron pans I use regularly. I do wash and scrub them and I use oil too. I notice that sometimes things stick but mostly it works great. One thing that works for me is to get the pan hot before using it and before putting oil in it. Not too hot. I had to play with it to figure it out... good luck!



answers from Tucson on

As my grandmother and greatgrandmother would say

Never EVER wash a cast iron skillet!!!!!! First, clean and then re-season the pan. There are many ways to season--open flame, oven etc. Lard is best tallow, salt pork second best. Once seasoned NEVER use cooking spray only products like lard, Crisco, olive oil etc. When you're done cooking, DO NOT use soap and water to clean....allow to cool enough to handle and use a paper towel to remove excess oils and food residue. Then use warm dishwashing cloth to wipe clean. Yes, there will probably be some residual amounts of oil left over, you want that...that's how good cast iron skillets become truly non-stick ;)



answers from Flagstaff on

If this is really cast iron, to get it clean, you will need to bake off the extra oil. Basically this is best done outside in a campfire or on a grill, but I prefer a campfire. After the pan is cooled, then you can scrub the char off easily.

So it doesn't get all gunked up again, You need to season the pan. After seasoning a pan, you just need to scrub it with a scrubber and hot water, if you use soap again, you will have to season it again.

I season my pans on the stove, getting the pan hot, adding some oil and then using a paper towel and tongs, spread the oil everywhere and mopping up the excess. With the fan on, and the heat on, cook the pan for about 15 minutes, letting it cool on the stove until I can put it away after wiping any excess oil away.



answers from Albuquerque on

Some of these pans you cannot use cooking spray on it and you can only heat it up to medium heat on the stove. That is the only thing that I can offer you right now.



answers from Phoenix on

Go to Rachael Rae's site and ask her. They may send a replacement.

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