Oral Surgery and Breastfeeding

Updated on December 31, 2009
J.F. asks from Nashua, NH
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I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Jan 8th. I am wondering if anyone had this done while still breastfeeding? Im not sure of the pain medications I will be on or if they will affect my milk. I will ask the Dr.'s to be sure just thought I would ask here first. Wondering if I should be pumping extra now to ensure he has enough to eat after my surgery. Will I have to "pump and dump"? Thanks for your help.

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answers from Chicago on

Just pumped and dumped for 15 days (again) due to strong sinus meds. You likely will pump and dump, but you can do it! A few days would be much better than 15. :) Just see the light at the end of the tunnel...

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answers from New London on

Hello! I had major oral surgery myself when my youngest was only 3 months old. I was given Versed (I think that's the name) for conscious sedation during the surgery and took Atavan beforehand as I have a huge dental phobia. I cleared both of those with the pediatrician, who did have me pump and dump for 24 hours after the surgery. I made sure I had some extra milk stored up for the baby, but I also decided it was ok if he ended up having some formula. I can't remember if he did or not as it was 4 years ago now! :) Afterwards, for pain, I was told I could have Percoset (can't spell it) without worrying about its effects on the baby. I know the OB and the pediatrician told me I could take that after both my boys were born, so I guess if it's ok for a newborn, it's ok for an older baby. The best thing I did was stay in bed an extra day after my surgery. I could have been up and around after day 2, but with a 3 month old and a 3 year old, I just wanted to rest a bit. I still haven't confessed that one to my husband! :) Good luck!



answers from Boston on

I have always found kellymom.com & www.drjacknewman.com very helpful. Also a book called The Nursing Mothers Companion by Kathleen Huggins has a section all about drugs and breastfeeding. Another resource is the Warm Line at South Shore Hospital- ###-###-####. You can call and leave a message and a lactation consultant will return your call within 24 hours.

If you ask a doctor, I would ask your pediatrician - not the oral surgeon.

I am breastfeeding and recently needed a cat scan. The cat scan people told me to abstain from nursing for 48 hours. I did lots of research and found that this is no longer necessary. Just because I was still a little nervous, I did pump and dump for 8 hours which wasn't bad and I knew wouldn't hurt my milk supply.
Good luck!


answers from Hartford on

You may not even need the pain meds, it depends ask your Dr. Call ahead to see. Wow, a 19 month old and a 5 month old, you are busy. I have three 5,3, and 19 months!




answers from Boston on

Hi J.,

I had oral surgery while breastfeeding and my doctor recommended that I not breast feed for 24 hours. I think it was the stuff that put me under that was the risk to the baby. Call your doctor or just be prepared. Always good to have extra milk!



answers from Springfield on

You should be fine J.. I am still breastfeeding my 9 month old daughter. When she was almost 6 months old, I had to have surgery because my c-section is not healing properly. I was knocked out completely for my surgery. They said I did not have to pump and dump because the amount that might enter her system would do less damage than if she "inhaled a little car exhaust". I also took Percocet after for the pain. I cleared everything with my Pediatrician beforehand and he agreed. Good luck and happy new year!!



answers from Austin on

I had an infected wisdom tooth removed while nursing. It was only one tooth though so the extraction was performed with nitrous oxide and a local anasthetic. The nitrous oxide gets out of your system pretty immediately so I was able to nurse within 1 hour of the extraction. I was given vicadin (sp?) afterwards but I stuck with Ibuprofen just to play it safe. I believe they will prescribe vicadin in the hospital after labor too so it should be okay, I just preferred not to take it. Your oral surgeon should be able to answer your concerns with any medications. Hope this helps...Good luck!



answers from Boston on

They give you percocet in the hospital if you hve a C-section and that diesn't affect the baby. Just be sure to tell the oral surgeon you are nursing and they will give you the right meds that will be fine for your baby.



answers from Providence on

Yeah, i had to have that done while i was still nursing my first son. A good dentist will already KNOW which ones are good for nursing moms, and I do think you have to forego gas...
and I did dump one pump of milk just to be on the safeside anyhow.
good luck with the teeth.



answers from Boston on


Check with your OB and ask what medicine's they put women on who have a C-Section and nurse. Then you will know what med's you can take. I took med's after my C-Section and the baby was fine. Maybe a little sleepy but no big deal.

Good luck,
L. M



answers from San Francisco on

I was advised to pump and dump one hour after the surgery. Regarding Vicodin - I chose to take ibuprofen, but have been reassured by pediatricians and labor/delivery doctors and nurses who heavily promote breastfeeding that Vicodin use is totally safe for a breastfed baby.



answers from Boston on

It would be a good idea to speak with the oral surgeon in advance, find out what meds he will be using and let him know you are nursing. He may not know at all what drugs are safe and may just tell you you need to pump and dump (which may not be necessary). Speak to your pedi, call LaLeche League or if there is a breastfeeding group at your local hospital call them. They should be able to look up the meds and let you know if they are safe. Usually there are options for meds that are compatible with breastfeeding.

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