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Updated on December 18, 2010
M.A. asks from Westmont, IL
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Hi. I am looking for a good oral surgeon in the Downers Grove area. I have had such bad luck with dentists I would really love to get any recommendations you may have. I also am looking for them to bill my ins as it could be quite costly to pay out of pocket all at once. Thanks everyone.

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answers from Chicago on

If you don't mind traveling a bit, I just used ORA Dental Studio in the south loop of Chicago. Dr. Koos is the oral surgeon there paired up with Goran Kralj DDS who is a fantastic dentist! I had all of my wisdom teeth extracted in Oct using him and he was great! They accept most insurance plans and also did a pre-treatment estimate for me prior to having my wisdom teeth extracted. They do require you pay the portion that your insurance does not cover and they bill your insurance for the rest, pretty standard. If you are interested their website is below. Good Luck!http://www.oradentalstudio.com/contact/south_loop.php?val...



answers from Los Angeles on

Call 1-800 Dentist they should be able to help you :)



answers from Chicago on

Scott Genutis at Grove Dental. I believe he works out of the Lombard office. He also has his own practice in St. Charles, but it may be too far for you. I work for a general practice and all the patients we have referred to him have been very happy.



answers from Chicago on

Try Grove Dental on Main Street between 63rd and 75th. They took out my wisdom teeth a couple of years ago and it was pretty painless (at least the surgery part) and I had no problems with them taking my dental ins.

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