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Updated on November 12, 2014
M.J. asks from Frisco, TX
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Could someone recommend a good oral surgeon. I had implants got infected with tooth extraction dry socket and now cracked tooth near extraction. I am afraid to go back. I also could use a good dentist who is honest and fits dentures since I lost several teeth I am in frisco Texas on the border of the colony.

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answers from Dallas on

We go to Dr. Kenneth Sharp in McKinney for a dentist. His office is top notch and I believe he would be able to refer you to the oral surgeon he uses for his patients if you called.

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answers from Dallas on

Our daughter went to Dr Larry Stewart in Plano.

She got her wisdom teeth removed by him in June 2013. He was highly recommended and we had no issues whatsoever.

He's located close to the medical center of Plano at 15th street/ Coit in Plano.

I can say with confidence if we ever need an oral surgeon he will be our go to Dr.

Our regular dentist is also top notch and we love him.... Tony Kososki located just north of central Market off Mapleshade/Coit. He's great!!!

We have no experience with dentures but we do with crowns, my TMJ and regular cleanings. PM me if you want more info. Both Dr.s are great.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm a day late and probably a dollar short (LOL), but Dr. Mathew George at Plano Dental Loft (Coit & McDermott) is awesome and I'm sure he would give you a referral to any specialist you may need.

I am 45 yrs old and until about 10 years ago I had the same dentist since I was a kid. After he retired I was scared to go to another dentist, so several years passed without any routine dental care. I finally picked a dentist that was on my dental plan, did some checking of reviews online (most of which were positive) and made an appointment. Well, it was such a horrible experience (everyone in that office was snotty and rude, including the dentist!) for me that I never went back! Fast forward a few more years and I broke a tooth. Scared that I was going to have another horrible experience with a dentist I procrastinated in getting in somewhere to have it fixed. During this time my husband had a root canal that had been done incorrectly years prior at a Monarch Dental location that needed to be redone. He picked Dr. George since he was close and on our insurance, and he loved him (my husband jokes now that he was our family guinea pig in finding a good dentist)! I have since been to see Dr. George several times (got my broken tooth fixed and had a root canal done and crown done) and absolutely love him and his staff.



answers from Dallas on

I highly recommend Dr. Larry Korenman or Loveable Smiles in Richardson. ###-###-####

He won't cause you pain. He has updated technology to be able to take in-depth x-rays and a cat scan of your mouth to see what's going on. He is very honest and strives to help his patients achieve Optimal Dental Health.

Good luck.

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