Oral Sex

Updated on August 12, 2009
R.A. asks from Aliso Viejo, CA
4 answers

My husband wants me to perform oral sex on him a lot, or what seems like a lot, and I am embarrassed to ask other women how often is "normal." Just wondering what other wives are doing because I don't particularly enjoy it all the time and it is causing problems for our sex life. Thanks.

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I think many women hate giving fellatio because they are not receiving as much in return and become resentful. Just make sure there is equal give and take in the relationship. Sometimes scheduling it....sounds harsh, but then, he has something to look forward to and you aren't feeling pressured. It's something you've already agreed to...but make sure he agrees to comething as well...either cunnilingus or doing the dishes AND vacuuming. LOL. Whatever does it for you.


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I refuse to do it at all. I think it's SO gross. So, your not alone!


answers from Dallas on

Hey R.,

Never be afraid to ask us, we all have the same issues im sure. My husband wants oral as often as possible lol and I enjoy doing it. Actually I enjoy watching his reaction,that makes me laugh and gives me something to make fun of him about lol. But normal is whatever you two decide. If he wants it daily and that's too much for you then see if every other day works for you both. I don't know any man in this world that would turn down daily oral so you have to let him know what works for you as well.

My husband wants it daily and I will alternate sex with oral so he gets oral every other day unless I just don't feel like it then it'll be every two or three days. During my cycle if he wants it daily then that's fine, I don't mind then because usually i'll slack off the week after.

I'll do whatever I need to do to keep him happy but you do get tired of doing it daily, sometimes it takes the fun out of it. In this case I don't think there's a standard for oral, just whatever you two decide. Good luck with that. :)



answers from Los Angeles on

Hey R.,
I am 18 weeks pregnant and because of spotting throughout my pregnancy we have been forbidden to have intercourse.
I don't exactly enjoy oral sex, but I will do it for him when he asks. Something that helped me was using flavored lubricant such as chocolate, caramel, or kiwi strawberry. It makes the experience more palatable.

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