Options for Rain Protector for Stroller

Updated on February 09, 2010
T.L. asks from San Pedro, CA
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I walk one of my kids to school everyday, and it's also the main morning "outing" for the baby in the stroller. With all the rain we've had in So Cal lately, and the fact that we will be doing this walking to school thing for a few years, I realize the need to get some sort of rain protector for the stroller to keep the baby (and stroller) dry.
I know they must make something like this, I think I have seen one at Babies R Us. But am wondering if there are multiple options (like does REI sell any?), and what have you found worked best?
I currently have a basic Graco stroller (the kind you can use with or without an infant seat), and we also plan on buying a BOB jogging stroller soon.
Thanks for the input!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I don't have the same strollers you do, but got my stroller cover at Babies R Us...LOVE it...it goes over the handles well, covers the stroller. We've used it in light rain and torrential downpours. It's also nice to keep the wind out of the baby's face if it's pretty windy out.

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answers from San Diego on

REI in San Diego off of Copely /52 is where we bought our BOB and our BOB rain guard. It works great! Check out the REI "garage sales" because you can get a lightly used stroller, or any gear for that matter, at a great discount. The items are still guaranteed and in great condition. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Graco makes a cover specifically for it's strollers that fits perfectly and has vents on the side. Look online if you cannot find it at babies r us. I just gave mine away with my Graco stroller 2 months ago ! Sorry! We used this same rain cover on our wagon (not a perfect fit, but worked!) We only used it 3 or 4 times, but we sure were happy we had it!!

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answers from San Diego on

Hi there,
I had a Graco stroller and moved on to the BOB. We are always out rain or shine and Shasha's makes awesome covers to fit many different brands of strollers. I got the cover thats great for the blazing sun, wind, bugs, and light rain. They have others specifically for rain. Its a bit pricey but if you use your stroller often, its so worth it. Its saved our little ones from the crazy heat and sun exposure in the summer and from the light rain we get in So.Cal. Check it out. http://www.sashaskiddieproducts.com/.

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answers from Boston on

I bought a generic one through One Step Ahead. For the price of a brand name one from the company who makes my stroller, I bought a rain cover and a bug net cover. They are oversized so they cover but not like a glove. No big deal to me.


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answers from Rochester on

buy a over sized umbrella to cover or go to dollar store and buy plastic in a roll and cut to size you need to cover outside of stroller

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