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Updated on August 23, 2010
P.G. asks from San Antonio, TX
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Hi Moms - what is your experience with Alba Botanica skincare? I've used BeautiControl, MaryKay, and have heard good things about Alba, but don't know how they compare and what are "equivalent" products. I'd love to hear your experiences re. the actual use of the products, not the business side. Thanks!

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answers from Barnstable on

Okay - so I have no experience with Alba, but I have to rave: I just started using Burt's Bees (yup - I didn't know they had a whole skin care line either) and OMG - blows away Avon's renew and Arbonne and is half the price! You can look them up online. I started using their clay mask every night and my skin has cleared up and the redness is almost gone!

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answers from Orlando on

Dear P.,

I personally use BeautiControl's Platinum line but without knowing you age this may not be best for you. But beauty is so much more than skin deep. There is a alot to be said about Nutrition and Health. The key ingredients for cellular growth are fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts/seeds. If we don't have a nutrient rich diet we generally don't get enough protective antioxidant nutrients and in turn will affect our skin. Building beauty starts from within. I have an awesome whole food nutraceutical. If you are open to hearing more please let me know ...


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answers from Minneapolis on

We've been using the Alba body moisturizing lotion for a couple of years and love it. A little dab will do ya!!

For my face, I am currently using Aveda All Sensitive Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer on my face and I love it too. I’ve used it for 10 years now. It’s great because I can slap on some lotion in the middle of the day if I need to, and it is never oily or greasy. I buy it “in bulk” so I don’t run out for awhile!

I am slowly “switching stores” and converting everything to Nicole Miller’s beauty line because I can get a 40% discount. I don’t sell the products, but I can show you how you can get them if you are interested.

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answers from Raleigh on

I've never heard of Alba Botanica; however, I do use products from Bath & Body Works and when I can afford it, I buy products from Lush (they are online and have stores usually in malls - all lush products are organic, made from fresh veggies, fruits, etc....)

I keep a facial scrub from Lush to remove the slough from my face; I use a sugar scrub from BBW to remove the dead skin and any bumps or acne-like bumps off the backs of my arms (don't know what causes them or why but the BBW sugar scrub and gloves for the sugar scrub keeps them away). I also use BBW Heal to Toe on my feet; it's a butter and then a body butter for my body to keep my skin supple.

It also helps tremendously to drink, LOTS OF WATER! I know it sounds horrible. I hate drinking water but I have to force myself to do so. Thankfully, we have a fridge with a filtered water supply that comes through the door for water and for ice. MOF, I need to change the filter this week. Water brings hydration and hydration helps you look younger as does keeping your skin moisturized especially the areas around the eyes though don't rub the eyes, dot them until the eye moisturizer is soaked into the skin. Wear gloves when washing dishes by hand (YUCK; I'm glad I have a dishwasher) and it also helps to wear kitchen Playtex or the like to rinse dishes before putting into the dishwasher. Be kind to your skin.

Don't use cheap lotions because that just adds greasey residue on your skin. BBW has many outlet stores where you can buy lotions and body butters for anywhere from 25% to 75% off retail. They work and work well.

FYI: Bath and Body Works carries many of the Burt's Bees products that Connie mentioned and many are available at the Outlet stores for BBW. It's a great product! Just make sure you aren't allergic to bees. My birth mother can't use it because she's allergic to bees; however, I can and sometimes I do use it but I generally prefer my body butter and heal butter for my body and feet. I also use a special face moisturizer and one especially for around my eyes, which is important to be careful with particularly with application because premature pulling around the eye areas can cause early crows feet.

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answers from St. Cloud on

I love Alba! Their vitamin C line is great. Another brand that I am wanting to try is Say Yes to Carrots.
I like Alba better than most that I have tried. I used to be a tried and true Aveda fan, but not anymore. :)



answers from Pittsburgh on

I must say I have no experience with the Alba line. However I am using an amazing French Line
In 2008 a friend in Chicago sent me samples of a French line.
Knowing that the French are among the best in the skincare business, I tried the Votre Vu samples. they were amazing I then order the whole anti-aging line!!
The products arrived within 48 hours and after the first application, my skin already looked healthier. Ten days later and my skin just glows. I'm hooked and will never use anything else! I am 51 and look great" —
I then signed up as a Brand Ambassador in 2009 falling in LOVE with the line.
Votre Vu, a naturally based Skincare Company. We did not just stumble on this gold mine of a company with 80 years of research and developement votre Vu went out on a quest to find the very best. Until now, Votre Vu has only been available in high end spa's in Paris, France. Product orders are Filled and distributed in the US via one on one's, e-commerce, home parties or other casual networking channels. Come Join Me as a preferred customer, host and or consultant! Check out my website and read what the Celebrities such as Tori Spelling, Lisa Rinna are saying about Votre Vu and read all Press that Votre Vu is receiving. Be in the KNOW NOW.
Visit my website: www.votrevu.com/J.
My blog: http://jadesfrenchconnection.blogspot.com

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