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Updated on May 19, 2007
J.J. asks from Carrollton, TX
6 answers

Does anyone have Verizon FiOS? Specifically, what is your experience with the customer service. I currently have Time Warner and am sick of my DVR screwing up and the representatives knowing nothing and being rude. Is Fios any better with reliability and/or service? Thanks.

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So What Happened?

Well I did switch. Unfortunately, I must just be cursed or something. First of all they scheduled me for one installation date, but then when that day came and no one showed I called to ask what happened, and they told me it was rescheduled! I was very mad that they didn't even call. After my complaining, the rep promised me a $50 credit for inconvenience and gave me my new install date. Today, they came and installed everything, but when I checked on that "credit" it was now only $25 and they basically accused me of lying because they appartently never give $50 credits! And to top it all off, my phone cannot receive incoming calls now! They say they're working on it. So far, I miss TWC!!!!

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Love my FIOS!!!! Fast and responsive... I don't know anything about Time Warner, but I haven't had issues with my DVR. That, and I can watch something and record something else. Love that! Hubby can watch what he wants and I can record my girly stuff.



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Love it. So far, no problems. Easy customer service.



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I just changed over to Verizon from Dish (I hated satellite due to it always going out during storms!). The installer was telling me that they are getting over 100 calls a day from people switching over from Time Warner. Verizon actually changed up their remote controls to look similar to Time Warners in order to make the transition over smoother for people. So far, I am pleased with everything-except I find the DVR rewind button a little hard to work with.



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Love it!

Great customer service.



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Does anyone know if the FIOS is available in Allen yet? What is the monthly price if you choose internet, cable and phone?



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Hi J.,

We have both the FiOS TV and internet service and really like both. We have had the service for one year now (since it was available here in our area). It has not yet been out and we have not had any problems, so reliability is great. My only contact with customer service has been for questions about my bill and they were very helpful and even helped to get all my services put together, which gave us a discount (we already had verizon for our cell phones and putting them on the bill gave us a little bit off the bill). The other time I calle because they changed the billing period and I was confused, but I had missed the notice about it in a previous bill and the lady helped me to find the information and was very curteous.

My mom has Time Warner and constantly has issues, but FiOS isn't available where she lives.

We can watch one thing and record two other shows or have three recordings going (but we would have to be watching one of them...or not watching anything). The only thing that I guess we don't care for (and it's my husband really, more than me because I don't watch movies that much*) is the on-demand movies. The selection isn't very good. My husband used to have directTV (before we were married) and he says they had lots of recent movies on that, but FiOS doesn't have very many to choose from.

Hope that helps.


*Actually, we have an 18mo... neither of us really watches movies anymore! It's just a fond memory at this point! :-)

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