Opinions Needed: Cosco Car Seats

Updated on July 21, 2011
L.F. asks from Dallas, TX
11 answers

I bought a Cosco car seat today for my one year old. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with this product?

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your opinions. Since this is going to be her car seat for several years and the one she'll use all the time, I'm going to splurge a little and buy her a more comfortable model.

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answers from New York on

Like I was told by a state trooper, Cosco is a great carseat. All seats
have the same safety requirements. If you want all the comforts of home
in a carseat, Cosco is not for you. However, it did work for me when I
was babysitting full time.

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answers from Seattle on

I wouldn't use one personally. And I hope MegandOllie answers this post! She will tell you that do many carseats are made of flimsy cheap plastic. From all my research and personal experience in a fatality accident with my dd, we have the britax marathon. Great deals on albeebaby.com, babies r us has 20% off right now, and you can always find them new in box on eBay, there should be free shipping at all three sites!

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answers from Dayton on

Personally, I wouldn't put my children in one. In fact I am making an effort to make sure no more of my baby dollars go to the Dorel company.
They make the cheapest product they can get away w/ and still meet the minimum safety standards.


There are some nice seats out there that don't run you $250, I would suggest looking at the Graco MyRide 65.
If you can afford it the Britax Marathon is a wonderful seat that should last her till she is ready for a seatbelt positioning booster.

We did w/o any extras for a month to purchase the best seats we could for our kids.
I know not everyone has ANY extra...so I understand...just don't skimp on safety if you can help it.


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answers from Dallas on

Personally I don't like Cosco seats. They arent safety rated high enough for me. We have a Learning Curve True Fit car seat for our almost 2 year old and a Britax Frontier 85 with the 5 point harness for our nearly 5 year old. I know car seats cost alot of money but please think about your childs safety.

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answers from Dallas on

We bought a carseat from Sam's Club over a year ago for $85. It works great, comfortable, keeps our 2yr old secure due to the harness system, nice adjustable straps, arms rests, cup holder, and head rest. We did buy a slip resistant mat to go under the bottom of it. Great seat. Just remember "A Car Seat is better than no Car Seat."

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answers from Dallas on

My girls ride in my car about 90% of the time we go anywhere so we splurged and purchased "fancier" car seats for my vehicle. When it came down to we really did need two sets of car seats and went with Cosco for my husband's car because we really didn't see spending that much money again on seats they didn't sit in very often. I really don't have a problem with them at all. Overall they certainly aren't as comfortable as some of your more pricier seats but they have almost the same exact harness and LATCH system as the seats in my car.

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answers from Cumberland on

We used Graco with our son, and are getting a Graco one for the new baby as well. I am told Cosco is good though

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answers from Albuquerque on

We bought preschool versions for our four year old girls this summer and they seem just fine. They're pretty bare bones, but still meet the federal safety standards. I figured they were a good option for rarely used seats at grandma's house.

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answers from Dallas on

I have the Cosco Elite that I purchased for an awesome price at under $90 at Costco. I had a very serious accident about 3 months ago our large suv almost tipped over and spun for a while the guy who hit me from the side was going about 60 miles per hour. I really believe the car seat saved my son...the impact was where my son was sitting and for a week I had pain and soreness and thank God my son walked away with nothing...no soreness, scratches, nothing...I went out and bought another one of these car seats for our other car. I truly believe this car seat kept him from having any injuries. It is extremely well cushioned and holds him tightly.

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answers from Springfield on

We use Cosco seats. My kids do just fine in them. I realize my kids don't have anything to compare them to, but they've never complained and they've never been unsafe.

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answers from Raleigh on

My in-laws have one of the cheap Cosco ones (I think they paid around $50 for it), and while it isn't nearly as nice or as comfortable as the expensive seat we have for my son in our car, he has never had an issue falling asleep in theirs and it serves its purpose to keep him safe!

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