Updated on March 05, 2007
R.A. asks from Chicago, IL
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I'm hoping if there is any mom out there that can recommend a good Pediatric Ophthalmologist that takes and HMO insurance. My daughter was seeing Dr. Davis over at the Loyola Medical Center on 1st Avenue in Maywood and I really think I need a second opinion. All Dr. Davis wanted my daughter to do is wear a patch, and it's been more than three years and I feel that her eye is getting worse. She has a "lazy eye". I would really appreciate any feed back. Thanks.

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We just took our daughter to a pediatric opthalmologist this past tuesday. Dr. Zaparackus 150 E. Huron, ###-###-####. I believe she's one of the best in the city & came highly recommended. Best of luck!



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I hope I am spelling his name correctley. Dr. Mittleton or Middledon, call Luthern General to find out. They will know because he is an amazing pediatric eye doctor. Seriously, one of the best. My son sees him at least once a year due to eye issues. WE are lucky, because Dr. M.'s patients are children with very severe issues.

His staff is wonderful, but this man will really help you figure out what is right for your child. Email me if you can't find him, I will get the correct spelling. As it turns out, our neighbor works for an eye doctor also, and he knew Dr. Mittleton when I told him about my son seeing him. He told me that he is well regarded in the area of pediatrics.



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Call Suburban Eye Consultants and ask for a recommendation, they are wonderful there. ###-###-####


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My docs just gave us the referral of Dr. Zaparackas, too.

Good luck.



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Dr. Zaparackas is great. She's near Northwestern downtown and is affiliated with Children's Memorial. ###-###-####

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