Oops, Can't Get Car Seat Back Together

Updated on April 07, 2008
N.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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Help moms! I bought a new Britax Diplomat convertible car seat. Then, before we ever used it, the whole thing became so permeated with car exhaust that it couldn't be used. (That's another story.) I took off the cover to wash it, which meant that I had to take the car seat apart. Now, I can't figure out a good way to wash the straps. And, I can't figure out how to get it back together correctly. I've almost given up, except this thing was very EXPENSIVE and I hate to just throw it away. Any suggestions???? I need some expert help please.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the great ideas! I used the photos of carseat parts and the user guide on the Britax website to get the carseat back together. Then, I took it to Babies R Us and used the floor model to see a few things that the website didn't explain.

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N. ~
Can't wash the straps from a car seat?? OH yes - you can!!. Put them in a pillow case – put them in a couple or use a flannel one and be sure to add a washcloth – tie a KNOT in it and toss in washer – hang to dry!! Hope you get it 'togehter'. Good Luck.



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Like the others said call Britax...you technically can't wash the straps...I've had to wipe them with wet cloths (I sprayed with Dreft stain remover then wiped with warm water... after a unfortunate Cheetos vs. swing incident....yuck...the cover is washable on gentle but airdry. If you are still stuck...ask on the the carseat board over at www.windsorpeak.com (look under baby 411), the carseat moderator Julie and others can walk you through it.




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Yes, call Britax customer service. I have dealt wtih them many times and generally they are very knowledgable. One time I did get a girl who had no idea, so I asked to speak to a manager.



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Go to the britax website. If there are no pics there, get a customer service number and call them up. Have them talk you through it. Just have the model number and seat handy. Good luck. I have done this same thing a million times with strollers. You'll get it back!

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