Online Wills?

Updated on February 01, 2008
C.H. asks from Crystal Lake, IL
5 answers

Has anyone used an online website to create their wills? It is one of those things that we keep saying we need to do and it keeps getting put off.

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answers from Chicago on

My friend did it twice. The last will he did not get signed. So when he died suddenly it was not valid and his wishes were not fulfilled.

I just had someone write my will. He did not charge much. I had to do it because I needed to protect my son while I was having cancer surgery. I suggest you put everything asside and write out what you want to have. Then you call a lawyer and go get one made. I also suggest you purchase the insurance that pays off your house and cars if the spouse dies. It is a blessing to have that taken care of when you are distressed over a loss.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Please please please use an attorney. I used to work for an attorney and he stressed many times that if you have children, you don't want to do it yourself. You're setting up your children's future, so please use a professional to be sure they are properly provided for. If things aren't done according to the letter of the law, things can get tied up in court for a LONG time, keeping valuable and sometimes necessary resources from your children. Also, you want to check into the laws for your state. Some states do not recognize "do it yourself" wills. Please check with an attorney or legal aid service before you do this.

Also, while you're doing wills it is important to consider completing your living wills and power of attorneys (It usually saves you money to do it as a package with an attorney) to assure that your final requests are met.

This is something very easy to put off, but so very important!

Good luck



answers from Chicago on

This is a question I'm wondering about, too. Hope someone has some info. Thanks for asking it.




answers from Chicago on

We used and would recommend them!



answers from Chicago on

We also need to do this. Try and get Suze Ormans Will and trust kit. I believe it comes with a cd-rom, and possibly online extras.
You can probably get it through your library first if you want to check it out before you buy it. I had a hard time locating one in my library district. I have to check again now that you brought it up.

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