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Updated on August 22, 2010
F.C. asks from Tampa, FL
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Anyone know of a reputable school that offers online degrees. I am looking for something accredited I don't want a technical school or something like that I need a real school that offers online and one that offers life experience credit would be awesome too lol

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answers from Hartford on

nova southeastern university in Florida. I liked the freedom of online classes. I took them when I was working 2 jobs, so it was convenient.

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answers from Orlando on

I've been to University of Phoenix. I'm currently attending Kaplan University and my husband is enrolled at Capella. All are online, all are accredited. All are extremely pricey. I believe my tuition is $371 per credit hour at Kaplan. There is also a $100 technology fee per term. Additional fees may be associated depending on your desired program. Five years ago, Phoenix cost this amount and I switch to Kaplan because it was cheaper, so I can't say for sure what Phoenix's fees are.

As someone else said, contact your local college or university as many of them offer pre-req courses online for much cheaper than a true online school.

Good luck!



answers from Augusta on

Many 4 year schools have degrees you can get online.



answers from Houston on

University of Phoenix, a friend of my is graduating next month in a real ceremony from attending online school through them. They are a little pricey, but I'm pretty sure they are accredited and I know other people that are taking classes from them as well. Some Universities are also starting to do online classes, sometimes you have to take 1 class that is a classroom class, but then you can take other courses online. You should check the University and Colleges near you.



answers from Miami on

Miami Dade College :)



answers from Washington DC on

I went to Southern New Hampshire My mom graduated from there as well. A lot of my friends are doing it from MD also. My husband starts this fall. It is a GREAT school...great teachers....everyone is helpful!



answers from Jacksonville on

Can you be more specific on what you are going for? There are many great schools that offer IRL experience....I went to WGU, Western Governors University. They specialize in Teaching, Business, IT, and Medical...They are one of the best online Teaching schools.



answers from Kansas City on

St. Leo University (campus based in Florida) has online classes and is where my husband got his B.S. Science for Criminal Justice. It is a Christian school so you must take one or two religion courses but the rest was very easy, at least for both him and I. I actually really liked online classes.



answers from Tampa on

Columbia Southern University. They are acccredited through the southern college. They offer AA,, AS, BS, MS.


answers from Kokomo on

I would check your closest university or college. I go to a smaller branch of Indiana University in my town and they offer most prerequesites in an online option.
However, the people that I have talked to who do both in person and online classes find online more difficult and time consuming. If at all possible I would consider a community college or something in your area, the time spent in class is surprisingly not very long, and quite irreplacable.
Good luck! I love going back to school, hope you can do it in anyway!

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