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Updated on April 02, 2010
K.E. asks from Trussville, AL
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Have any of you mommies out there gone to college online? I'm looking into the Uni. of Phoenix, because I don't want to put my baby in daycare. I'm looking to be an elementary school teacher. If anyone has, or knows about it, please tell me about it. Do employers look at it as being as a good thing, or not? Was it a good system to work with? Any advice about it would be welcome, please!

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So What Happened?

Thanx everybody!!!!! I'm looking into collges that have online programs now, and it seems like it will be perfect! Thanx for the ideas!

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answers from Dallas on

University of Phoenix is too expensive. I did a WHOLE alot of research before choosing my option I choose(3 months worth). University of Phoenix at the time was my heading. BUT they are sooooo expensive. I went to TCC (tarrant community college) and found out that the course I need or want to take were only $50 a credit. That is $150.00 a class SOOOOO much better then giving them my $2550 in pell grant and still having to take out a loan every semester for over $5000.00 more not including books etc... I do my classes online and don't have to go into TCC but to register.
At this point I don't feel like my degree will be looked down upon and I have so many options with the community college. EVEN PE is online. LOL!
I now do 2 online classes. I applied for my pell grant was awarded $2550.00 each semester if I was full time and 50% if I was part time. I paid $300 for 2 classes and then paid for my books less then $150.00 and still had money left over. I am doing online classes it is alot of work I will not kid you there. Because you are doing it all online you have to read alot and watch videos or presentations. I read 77 pages and watched 4 30 min videos in my 1st weeks assignments just in Psychology. Make sure you are disciplined.
Anyone can do it just do your research

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answers from Boston on

I am taking my online classes at Southern New Hampshire University. I like it because I can still take classes on location but I live only 20 minutes away so I can do that. is the site if you want to check it out.

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answers from Detroit on

Many community colleges and university colleges offer alot of their classes online now. I went to a local college for my masters and I was able to pick and choose which ones I took online or at the school. This way if I thought a class might be tough, i would take it at the school. Also, even if I took the class online, at least the school was nearby and I could get together with a teacher easily if needed. I would check out what colleges in your area have to offer first. I did like the online classes though. You have to be motivated and determined to stay on track but the flexibility was way worth it. Good luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Online colleges/universities aren't bad, but you may want to research how respected they are once you get into the work force.

As for wanting to do online to avoid day care, one caution I'd give (because I tried this when I was laid off last summer) is whether or not you'll be able to devote the attention you need to your coursework with children around who need attention?

Despite already having a degree and most of these classes being refreshers on certain subjects, I simply didn't have the time to devote to it and had to withdraw from both classes.

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answers from Los Angeles on

my husband started out at univ. of phoenix. He finished 1 year there and then transfered to National Univ. (also online). U of Phoenix is not an accredited school. When my husband transfered they told him that not even 1 of his classes counts because the school is not acredited. They made him take all these really stupid classes, that had nothing to do with general ed or his major. So, once he transfered he was able to finish up in about 3 years with his bachelors degree. That was 1 year ago and he has now been able to get a much better and higher paying job. It does cost a TON of money, we are in a hole with student loans, but he got his degree and the good job to go with it

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answers from Seattle on

Maybe it's because I work at a college, but I would never consider enrolling in an online only college or university. Their degrees are still looked down on by most employers and they do cost a lot of money.
Instead of looking at a potentially questionable online school, why don't you check out your local colleges and universities for online and evening degree programs? You could still stay home with your baby and get a degree from a reputable institution.
Good luck.

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