Online Calendar's That Send Reminders to Your Cell Phone

Updated on August 05, 2013
G.B. asks from Oklahoma City, OK
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My entire life is on my yahoo calendar. But since they took the option to send reminders to my cell I have missed numerous appointments. I was a calendar program. I want to be able to invite others so that I don't have to keep up with stuff. For instance, I invite hubby to all the kids classes and appointments so that if my phone is dead again we still get the reminder. He's retired so we're always together.

Yahoo really lacks what I need now. I have never gone online looking for a calendar program like this. I have no ideas. I only use mail so that has always worked for me. If I change to another calendar program do I have to get a new email address? One to use with their program?

Thanks a lot for your ideas!

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So What Happened?

I've used Yahoo calendar for so many years. I have had U S Cellular for my phone service for years. I have a smart phone too. Android. So when I would schedule the kids gym, dance, BMX, soccer, football, school parties, and doc appointments, etc....I would always send an invite to hubby so the reminders would send to his phone too. I have every family member's anniversary's, birthdays, events, get togethers, reunions, etc...on yahoo and have them repeat yearly so I don't ever have to enter them again.

I don't want to go through this with some program that is going to stop doing the cell phone reminders again. I have everything on my calendar. I don't have to do it twice, once on my phone then again on hubby's phone.

I think I'll try gmail. I have at least one account on there for my cell and one for my computer...well, that one ended up being a address. Stinks. I have multiple accounts and do several like pages on FB so I am about to go nuts with email addresses.

I will look at the 2 online calendars that you guys suggested. That's what I am used to, I like to type on the keyboard and not text on my phone, talk about tired fingers after doing my huge family's birthdays alone!

Thanks everyone!!!!!


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answers from Dallas on

Google calendar will send reminders as a text or email. You can color code and even give access to other people to see or change events and appointments. I love using this so my DH and I are always on the same page schedule wise. I have an app on my phone called CalenGoo that is also links. So I can make changes to appointments online or from my phone, and add or remove, etc.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

Switched to Cozi about 4 months ago. Love it!

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answers from St. Louis on

Gmail and yes you will have to change email addresses. It links through your email everything so that where ever you sign on your dates are there, your email, your searches, just everything. My husband has gmail as well so each of our tasks show up as different colors and those that are public are still another color.

I also love it because I have an android which uses google to sync. I open my phone, it tells me what I have going, I open my laptop, it tells me what I need to do, I sign on at work it tells me what to do.

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answers from Chicago on

Another vote for Cozi. It even color-codes your schedule for different family members.

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answers from Cleveland on

So glad you asked this, I've been meaning to find something too.

Cozi sounds neat.

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answers from Boston on

Another vote for Cozi. It'll do everything you need it to do, and it's free.

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answers from Detroit on

Both my very techie husband and my very artsy self both swear by Google Calendar, for different reasons. We use (free) gmail accounts, so I don't know if it is compatible with others or not. Check out the Google tool bar to see if the other applications might be useful for you, too. We use Google Docs often - sharing lists, addresses, memos etc.



answers from Washington DC on

you have a smart phone? If you are, what you are looking for is an app. (sorry, don't know how tech savvy you are. I can't imagine even a Gammy using a yahoo calendar linked to her phone)

Anyway - we use SimplyUs. It's one calendar that shows on both phones. Also includes grocery lists, custom lists, etc. So you type in "peaches" on the grocery list when they're out, and then at the grocery store you can pull it up on either phone.

And I believe the Iphone finally allows you to send calendar "invites" for each event as you're entering it.


answers from Dallas on

what kind of cell phone do you have? Talk to your provider. For example, the iphone has it's own reminders and can be linked to your computer if it is a mac. I am sure other phones have similar things.


answers from San Diego on

We have an iPhone and sync with Outlook on the computer. You can set reminders from there. You can have more than one phone sync with the same calendar.
It's not online though.


answers from Chicago on

Another vote for Cozi. It's a free app, although you can pay to be a gold member. Each member of the family has a color code and you can send email reminders as well as text reminders and alarms.

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