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Updated on March 23, 2012
L.B. asks from Lima, OH
9 answers

Do you use an online bill pay system that you love to use that makes bill paying easy????
I want to go to one website and pay all my bills for the month and be done.
I know that our bank offers one, but you have to go in and manually input the dollar amount to pay. Where as before I was using a website called MY CHECK FREE . com. When I logged into my account, it told me the amount that was due and the due date.

Unfortunetly we moved to a different state, and not all my new utility companies are on there.

If I have to go to each website to see what my balance is and the due date, then I could just as well pay my bill at that time, too.
Just looking to simpify the bill paying each month.

Let me know what you use -- and how well it works for you.

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answers from Washington DC on

I do it through my bankl. I'd ever do it somewhere else.

I have USAA and several of my bills even come through my bank now.

I also have most of my bills on a even monthly payment plan. I pay what is owed every 4 weeks, so I get ahead on a lot of them after some months.

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answers from Beaumont on

I use my bank. For the bills that don't change i.e. life insurance payments, membership fees etc., I've got them coming out automatically. I only have to manually put in 4 each month and I do those on the same day. The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes. Anyway, works for me....

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answers from Dallas on

I do it through our banks with online pay. Easy Peasy. FREE

Most of my bills are sent to me via email and I schedule payments as I get the bills. No worries about remembering to go and pay, just do it when you get the bill.

I don't see why you would pay someone to do what you can do for free with a little organization. I prefer to save my $120 per year.

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answers from Kansas City on

I use my bank for bill pay, but I also use to manage finances. You can link everything through and I believe you can also do bill pay. It is an awesome program for anyone looking to manage finances. It pulls everything all together.



answers from Washington DC on

I use my bank but the catch is I know what my average bill is monthly and spilt the cost bi-weekly. I set up my web bill pay to pay out the same amount and therefore I never touch my “bill account”. Ie. Cable is $125 average so I pay $75 bi-weekly. This usually creates a credit on my account so if an emergency ever arises I can skip a payment as well. If the bank does not have the biller on their list then they send a check (for free) Just food for thought



answers from Cincinnati on

I use bill pay through my bank (Huntington). It is so nice. If the company that I am paying doesn't have electronic payments then they send a check to them.



answers from San Francisco on

I use paytrust too and have for the last 11 years. I LOVE it!! The thing I love the most is that I do not receive any bills through the mail. I chose this site because of that. I was knee deep in clutter and it was a great way to get rid of the mail and paper clutter yet be sure that a bill was never missed or skipped. I highly recommend this site for bill paying!


answers from San Francisco on

I use We have used them for the past ~10 years. I like it because they will add any payee you like, and will set up funds transfers with them whenever possible (so most of the time, your payment will be sent one day, posted the next day, rather than waiting for snail mail). Also, we have several several bank accounts set up with them, which I like. They receive and scan all of our bills for us, send me an e-mail that a bill has arrived, how much it is, and its due date. They notify me if a bill they expected to receive hasn't arrived. They also notify me if a due date is approaching and I haven't set up payment on a bill. I have the option of setting the bills up to be paid automatically, or to arrange for payment manually. It costs $9.95/month, an expense I feel they more than earn. In 10+ years of using them, we have never had a security breach or anything like that. I believe they're owned by Intuit (which owns Quicken).


answers from Detroit on

I use an automatic bill payment solution provided by AvidXchange, they manage all my bills, check them for errors, duplicates etc and then pay them for me, so I have one centralized location to pay all my bills.

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