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Updated on November 05, 2014
E.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I have baby books for both of my kids, but rarely write in them. I have tried keeping a journal for them next to bed, but I didn't keep up with that, either. My laptop is in my kitchen, and I regularly check emails and think that I might have an easier time keeping up with an online journal or baby book. (It doesn't necessarily need an option for photos -- just a place to jot down first words and other milestones.) Has anyone done anything similar that could give me suggestions or recommendations?

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answers from Chicago on

Hi, Erin! I think a lot of us can relate! :) I have a baby book that I'm desperately trying to keep up with, too, and my son is 2 1/2 and I have another one on the way very soon (still, I want a baby book for her, too- not sure why?! tradition I guess!) Anyway...I also have a blog and I write a LOT there- it's my journal of my son's adventures and now my pregnancy, too. It's so much easier to type everything for me, plus I get to include pics and my family can keep in touch this way, too. Each year after my son's birthday, I have it printed. Here are the links for printing a blog book... first one is the actual company that does them, second link is for WAAAY cuter book covers! (I use the second link!)

BUT, in answer to your "online baby journal" question...I literally just recently saw a review for exactly this sort of thing! And I thought how neat is that!!! I'd sure love to know somebody who did one so I could see it in person. Nevertheless, here's the link for the review and for the actual website.

You could always do some fun, creative things with online photo books, too. I made a whole book for when my son first walked, his first christmas, his first birthday, his whole first year month by month, etc. I use Shutterfly mostly, but also Snapfish and my favorite is Smilebooks ( This last one is COMPLETELY 100% CUSTOMIZABLE! I highly recommend it. It is time consuming, pricey, not nearly so cutesy as Shutterfly and Snapfish, but it's really a LOT of fun.

Anyway, I'm also curious to see what other answers you might get, too, but I hope these ideas get you started!

A. :)

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answers from Spokane on

This is a good one where I used to keep my kids milestones and stuff. I really enjoyed doing it and I kept up with it for a long time until I started using blogspot. But if you want something specifically just for little milestones, etc. this is it. You can even send links to family members, etc. so they can come and look at updates.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I use I do not use a lot of security options on mine but you certainly could do that to keep your private baby thoughts private.

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answers from Detroit on is a great new site you can use to record all your B.'s milestones. Unlike the other journal sites out there, B. Badges has turned milestone tracking into a fun, motivating and rewarding game. You claim badges, by uploading a story or photo, for all of B.'s common milestones between birth and age 2, then share your badges with friends and family over social media. As you earn certain badges or groups of badges, you earn achievements and level ups. Each of these comes with a great coupon code to merchants that sell B. gear. When you are ready you can print your badges, photos and stories in a beautiful B. book you create in under 5 minutes! Come check us out, the site is FREE to use!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi there.
It's a bit late to be responding I know :) but I want to give a shameless shout out for a new app I've been using called Tweekaboo to keep a diary for my daughter. Its a beautiful app, so easy to use and so convenient. I can update it wherever which is so handy as you never forget the little moments.
I highly recommend you sign up at
I hope this is useful!!!?



answers from Washington DC on

I use this one for all my baby diary needs. Its great way to keep all milestones online.



answers from Sacramento on has been working great for me. I think it's the most beautiful of the ones I have seen and I can print photobooks too!



answers from Chicago on

Here's a recent launch that's a really great way to share baby photos and milestones with friends and you can link it to facebook too.

I've signed up! Worth checking out at the very least!



answers from Albany on

I recently tried and really liked it. The thing is that I am generally lazy and do not have time to do much posting online, but this journal is somewhat fun. Got to level 4 with my baby already :)



answers from Dallas on

girl, i am the same way. i always try to journal but typing is so much faster & right by my kitchen/LR area, just like you!
my son's 2 yrs old...whoops, so i've missed the big milestones so far, anyway, your question sparked my interest...don't have an answer (sorry) but i do look fwd to seeing your posts - thanks for asking! :)

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