Onesies for Toddlers? Help Me Find Them!

Updated on April 22, 2014
L.L. asks from Austin, MN
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I need larger onesies. Due to some medical issues, my youngest, who is almost four and weighs about 35 pounds, REALLY needs some onesies. The largest size I've been able to find (at WalMart) was a 3T, and that was Gerber. They fit, but there is NO room for growth. I have the little extenders still, and could use them, but they are getting a bit snug across the shoulders so I want to find bigger ones.

So far, I see some on a certain shopping site I love (don't know if I can name it? pretty obvious - think largest online retailer) but with shipping they cost almost 20 dollars - APIECE - and that's just plain white. To buy five, like I need - a hundred bucks for five onesies? No thanks.

Please - have you seen them in larger toddler sizes anywhere? Cheaper? I'm fairly desperate.

(JFF - every single time I try to type onesies, I actually type "onesides" and have to go back and change it. Don't know why. Hah.)

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the help, mamas. I think I got it figured out now, and I actually did post a wish on one of those sights and one woman did buy a few things she needs so I feel extremely blessed for that little bit of help - it means a lot. In all my searching on Amazon I never came across the Gerber 4T - don't know why, that was what I was looking for - but thanks to a few links people offered I came across them and they'll be part of my next Amazon purchase.

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answers from Minneapolis on

The solution is to sew what you want or find a friend or relative who is able and willing to do so. Once you buy soft cotton and the snaps however, they will not be a whole lot cheaper but you can make them in any size you need.

Personally, even though I can sew, I would spend the $20 each for them since her comfort is paramount.

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answers from Los Angeles on

ETA - what a bummer!! I knew it seemed too easy. I hope you find some. My son had to wear onesies every day until he was about 2.5 for the same reasons.

ETA Again: Have you tried a romper? I'm not sure if it would work, but it is all one piece so her stomach isn't easily accessible. It pulls off really easily for potty training too. They cost a bit more ($20), but you're getting a full outfit and not just a plain white onesie. (Old Navy has others, but not all are 100% cotton. Do a search for rompers and then go to girls... they are listed below the bathing suits for some odd reason)

Gymboree is having a big sale right now and they have several different onesies available in 4T and 5T. Some are as cheap as $4-5 and the most expensive ones are still under $9. You should definitely do some shopping online tonight.

Or, this might actually be a better link:

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answers from Los Angeles on

Target had some that went up to 4T or 5T a couple of months ago...

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answers from Austin on

You don't have to buy 5 for her...... buy 3 and do laundry more often.

$20 each is worth it for her comfort! She already recognizes that it helps her....

And... have fun decorating them!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Have you gone to a consignment store? Ebay has some options too. There are also 3 inch extenders for you to get more use out of a small onesie.

Is your child a girl? I have noticed some onesies for girls that size. I bought a used cheerleader outfit for halloween and the onesies that came with it had snaps. I am not sure if there is a lot options for boys.

Leotards are usually expensive compared to typical onesies, but this could be another word to look up.

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answers from Chattanooga on

Hmm. I don't know if they make them in that size for most stores... THere just isn't a market for hem, except in special cases.

If you are crafty, or have a crafty friend, maybe you could try making your own... Just sew some fabric to the bottom of a shirt (you could use a pair of toddler underwear for a pattern, just leave an inch extra at the top for a seam, and cut the bottom open and add snaps/Velcro.)

Good luck with your search!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Can you google the brand you found? You already know that brand makes them.

If nothing else, get creative and sew some clasps on a larger cotton T-shirt.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

You know what? My first thought was "Hmmm, bloody unhappy kiddo verses spending $100 on some clothes that make her comfortable".

Seems to me that getting her clothes that she can live in would be the first priority. Sorry if this isn't what you want to hear. I know how hard it is to spend money like that. We live on a fixed income and we're raising grand kids.

I ALWAYS google items like this that I am searching for by adding "special needs" on the end of the sentence.

Like this:

Larger onsies for special needs kids

I got sight after sight after sight.

They all cost right around $20. So I suggest you rethink your decision about spending $20 on onsies for her. She claws herself until she bleeds mom. What's more important? Her comfort or having that money for something else? Please see if one of these sights has just what you need them perhaps go on some donation web sight where you can ask friends and family to help out.

Several of my friends have done this and share it on GB. They got money donated by even total strangers. To buy books for their classroom, to take their kid who had a long illness but is better now on a good fun vacation, and more.

I know you have bills to pay just like the rest of us do but spending money on something this important isn't a waste of money. She needs them.

Up to 6T

Some adaptive clothing can be a good substitute too. Mant moms have posted they have school ager kids that have feeding tubes and having onsies to fit them is important.

How to make your own

This idea might be really simple. If she has underwear that she likes to wear over a diaper then finding simple soft tees could be the answer. Simply sew the bottom of the tee to the inside of the waistband of the undies. Soft, no inside seam, and you can do them for any size.


My last thought on the question. I work in a clothing store in a dance studio. I feel a LOT of materials that leotards are made of. The softest and most long lasting are the stretchy velvet ones. They wash and dry and last for years. I wash ours on warm and dry on delicate or perma press.

I don't get any that have a sheen to them, the metalic look. That stuff is scratchy on the inside to me.

GK and Under Armor are awesome brands. BUT Discount Dance is going to have clearance leotards for as little at $4.99 sometimes.

Cut the crotch open and add velcro dots so they don't rub her or have someone add a strip of snaps.

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