One Year Old Spits up After Every Meal.

Updated on April 21, 2008
C.R. asks from Duluth, MN
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OK My son has been weaned off of breastmilk for about two weeks now and when he was nursing he would spit up all the time after I was done nursing him. He has always been in the 75th percentile for weight so the doctor never saw it as a problem. So I thought it was because of the milk. Now that he has all table foods he is still spitting up. He won't go to the dr again until June. Has anyone else experienced this with thier child? Thanks a lot!

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My son is now 12 but used to spit up as a baby. The doctor diagnosed it as reflux. He perscribed Rigalin (Not Ritalin). It empties the contents of his stomach faster so that small meals throughout the day are what he would have rather than spitting up after each meal he managed to keep everything down. Once he grew to about 5 he had no more trouble with it. It would only occur after running in gym or excessive excercise like football. The valve that seperatd the stomach acid from the esophogas would stay open and release fluid and as a child they do not know how to control it.
As a result this also seemed to speed up his metabolism the frequent small meals. He was somewhat of an overweight baby prior to the riglin and diet adjustment. He may also be lactose intolerant but only slightly. There is a few formulas out there for babies who spit up frequently that are a mixture of milk base and soy base. I use Gentlease Lipil which is for gassy babies but I noticed it states it is a combination of both soy and broken down lactose proteins.
I know I saw one for babies who spit up frequently as well but can not recall which one it is is but it is made by the company that make Lipil. Hope this helps you.



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Hi C. -

My daughter spit up all day long for 9 months!!! She had reflux. No allergies. She was underweight, but I met people with kids who were big who had reflux, too. (All of my kids are petite, so this is genetic, too.) She had tests including an uppper GI, but all of her anatomy was healthy. Just a developemental thing. I remember trying EVERYTHING to get her to stop! She slept in a swing for 3 months to keep her upright. I would burp her constantly, etc. I carried that fussy child around all day long to keep her tummy feeling better. She drank pumped breast milk with formula added to make it thicker and more caloric. I even tried smelly soy for a while to see if this would help. She ended up on Prevacid to help with the acid. I don't know if it helped her sympotoms, but was told that it would help reduce the acid buring her throat, etc. At 9 months, it just went away. There is hope!! For 9 months she wore a bib, and we both wore spit up!!

Try to see a pediatric gastroenterologist to get your son so meds to help the acid or to see if he has an anatomical issue. Best of luck, I know how frustrating and messy this is.



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Hi C.! You know, with both of my daughters, I had this problem but it was only after starting baby food and regular food. My first daughter who is 12 now was the worse though. She would throw up after almost every single meal. When we went to restaurants to eat, we had to be ready because it always happened and it went on like this till she was about 2. we had her tested for reflux and some other things and nothing was found at all. It was just so weird. I have never known another person to have this problem till I seen this post. And, when she did it, it was not just regular spit up either, but tons of throw up. But, she was not losing any weight at all. I still dont get that, thinking back on it. Good luck and I hope it stops. It is not fun, I know.

S. Bailey CLD



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Hi C.,

My 7 month old spit up majorly for awhile and was always a good weight. We recently found out my 3 year old had all sorts of food allergies. So with this info I was taken off some foods and she stopped spitting up (and started pooping every 1-2 days, where it had been only once every 7-10 days). Anyway, we are just starting solids and avoiding ones that my son is sensitive to. You may want to call the doc and have your little one allergy tested (but I would request a blood test, instead of or along with the scratch test).
Good Luck.



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The spitting up can be due to a couple of reasons. It can be due to allergies which is not likely since your child spit up from your breast milk as well. The other reason it could be happening is due to restrictions in your childs spine with muscle tightness. What kind of delivery did you have. Often times moms that have a difficult delivery with intervention like C section, forceps, vacuum, or even epidurals and Pitocin, the child ends up with trauma that causes a decrease in functioning of the nervous system and thus the immune system. Adjustments to the spine will remove all interference and restore normal functioning with a couple of weeks. If you have any further questions about the chiropractic approach I would be more than happy to help you.



answers from Chicago on

I concur with the reflux possibility. he may be a 'happy spitter' - also, that sphincter muscle may be immature still. he could have an issue with it not closing fully.

here's a snippet from Dr. Sears website... explaining digestion:

The circular muscles of the stomach also have the job of keeping the food in the stomach long enough to be broken down from a solid to liquid. Sometimes these muscles can malfunction. The muscle at the lower end of the stomach (called the pylorus) can become too thick and tight in the first few weeks or months of infancy, keeping the stomach contents from emptying. Instead, the food comes back up forcefully. This condition is known as pyloric stenosis and is manifested by vomiting of increasing frequency and severity. The muscle at the top end of the stomach, called the gastroesophageal sphincter, can become too loose, so the stomach contents don't stay in during churning. This leads to a condition called gastroesophageal reflux.

here's the link where the rest can be found -

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