One Week Prior to Period- Extreme Extreme Fatigue and Moodiness

Updated on December 20, 2010
M.P. asks from West Palm Beach, FL
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Hi, I am a 23 year old woman and as far back as I can remember I have suffered from this monthly deamon. Every month about one week prior to my period something takes over my body. I get extremely tired and usually at least one of those days I cannot even bring myself to get out of bed to go to work. This is a problem. That day I don't want to move an inch, my entire body feels drained of all energy completely. I sleep for about 24 hours straight then, get a little energy back. This is accompanied with irritability, severe headaches, bad dreams and an 'I just don't care attitude' once my period actually comes I get a bit of relief and start to feel extremely guilty that I missed work and was in bed all day. I am on 50 mg zoloft and also a monophasic birth control (Lutera) the zoloft pretty much does the trick the rest of the month and I am a pretty happy person. I have tried the tri-phasic birth controls before and it makes it worse. When I was not on zoloft this one week prior thing was almost life-threatening.

Other health concerns: IBS, Colitis, lower back problems, also one year and a half in recovery from alcohol and klonapin.


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answers from Dallas on

I can relate to a lot of what you said... I have also experienced those extreme lows and feelings of exhaustion about a week prior to my period. When I would start to feel that way again, I often wondered what my problem was! But, then my period would start and I would understand. I almost looked forward to my period starting because my "mood" would improve! I started taking a supplement back in March, and it has really helped me in this area, as well as with my headaches, migraines, allergies, and IBS symptoms. If you are interested in more info, let me know... Good luck to you!!!

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answers from Alexandria on

Do you see a chiropractor? I really recommend you find one and give it a try. It will help with your lower back problems. You will be amazed at home much things your would never expect (like your hormones and period) can be so greatly effected by your spine being improperly aligned.
Also, my experience with chiropractors is that they are quite knowledgeable about appropriate supplements for an individuals needs and will be able to recommend appropriate nutrients and trusted companies that sell quality products.

Have you ever taken any kind of vitamin-B supplements? B-6 is great for relieving hormonal imbalances related to PMS symptoms and B-12 is great for increasing energy levels. You can take a B-complex vitamin that has the appropriate levels of all of the nutrients in the B spectrum. You can also talk to your doctor about getting b-12 injections a day or two before you know the storm is going to hit.

Please do not just go to your local retail store (pharmacy, GNC, vitamin shoppe) and pick up a $5 bottle of b-vitamins. It will likely be synthetic and it will likely not do you any good. Please talk to a professional or do a great deal of research online and find a good brand that sells a natural product. The closer it is to the way nature made it the better you body will absorb it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Definitely talk to your doctor, document your symptoms so she/he can see the exact pattern. The more specific info you can provide, the better.
Your meds might need a tweak here or there. And certain birth control pills used to make me a RAVING maniac!
And congrats on your 18 months clean. Way to go!



answers from Miami on

Natural medicine approaches could help you - a look at nutrition and hormone regulation as well as your subtle energy system (chakras and meridians as addressed in Chinese and Indian/Ayurvedic medicine) and subconscious psychological issues (feelings and thoughts, especially unresolved subconscious issues) which could be worked with using things like hypnosis and energy psychology. The pharmaceutical drugs just add more toxicity and confusion to your body even though they may temporarily cover up symptoms. You may want to look at the work of Louise Hay and Dr. Michael Lincoln who have encyclopedias of mind body correlations. Standard allopathic medicine will never get to the root of your issues since it's not designed to. Most of the medicines doctors prescribe actually tend to impair your body's ability to self-regulate so they foster long-term decline in health rather than improvement.



answers from Miami on

If you're only having the problem just before your period, try one of the longer dose birth control pills (since you're already on one) like seasonal or seaonique. On these pills you only get your period 4 times a year so you will miss less work and feel better overall.



answers from Tampa on

Nutrition, it is nutrition-check outWeston Price, and find the correct nutrition for you- you are not lacking zoloft- you are nutritional missing- and if you handle that then you will be fine- are you up for it?
best, k


answers from Chicago on

I would try changing pills, immediately.
Your body chemistry reacts differently to different combinations of hormones. And to me, what you're describing is PMDD. I would talk to your OB first.

I've been on 3 different pills in my life. I actually need to change it again, because after my last pregnancy, I'm experiencing some serious PMS symptoms on the same pill that I've been on for years. Looks like my chemistry has changed again.

Congrats on your recovery!



answers from Miami on

Everyone responds to their period differently, I also get extremely sleepy, I don't feel like going out, and like to stay home and lounge in my pj's. I get depressed and even start to have hot flashes and feel sexual, my stomach swells up and I even put on a few pounds. My sister gets very moody and aggressive, but she doesn't get sleepy though, she feels energized, so this shows you how different bodies respond differently.

I think a lack of iron has something to do with it as I do not eat much red meat. You should try iron supplements.

My co-workers start to either get a sweet tooth and overindulge in chocolate, or some start to crave salty things. I guess it's similar to pregnancy in some ways. Whenever your hormones get out of whack, you may start feeling abnormal. I was very sleepy when I was pregnant too.

If the iron doesn't help, I'd go see the ob/gyn. While it is normal to feel sleepy, it is not normal to become careless about things such as your job and missing work due to your period. Considering you get a period once a month for about a week, this could cost you your job, so you should see a doctor if supplements don't do anything for you.



answers from Columbus on

I posted about something similar to this about a week ago. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to have bloodwork done and talk with her more about it. I think I have PMDD (Pre Menstral Dysphoric Disorder). Google it, you might be surprised that the symptoms you're having sound really similar. Make an appointment to see your doctor, and good luck!



answers from Miami on

I would not rule out PMDD. Research it..."Google" it and you may find that you have the classic symptoms. I've battled with this disorder for 8 years. Doctors will prescribe antidepressants but with prescription drugs comes side affects which in turn may require additional drugs to counter the side affects. You could actually feel worse than feel better.

There are herbal remedies that you should consider. However, because you have already indicated that you are taking Zoloft, you cannot take these herbal supplements while being on ANY antidepressant. Talk to your doctor about PMDD and research it for yourself. I take an herbal supplement and my symptoms are much better relieved.



answers from Lincoln on

Try talking to a nutritionist in your area - there are plenty of vitamins and other remedies to try. If you have a healthfood store in your area that specializes in this area, chances are they have someone on staff that can recommend something. I hope it gets better.

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