One Testicle Is Larger than the Other

Updated on June 27, 2010
B.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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I just gave my 3 year old son a bath and noticed that one testicle was significantly larger than the other. There's no redness or rash and it didn't look swollen. He had a low fever yesterday 99/100 but it was gone today. I will make an appointment to see the doctor this week but I'm curious if someone might know what this can be. Thank you. Bernie

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your replies but it's false alarm. This morning everything seems to look normal. Bernie

2nd UPDATE: Took him to the doctor and he has fluid in one testicle, it's called "hydrocele". He has an incomplete closing of the tunica vaginalis so abdominal fluid flows into the thin pouch. This requires surgery, an incision on the groin to drain the fluids and internal stitches to close off the opening. It is done outpatient. I just knew there was something wrong, the fluid fluctuates so sometimes the testicle is bigger sometimes smaller, that's what through me off. If unattended he would get inguinal hernia.

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I think one is supposed to be at least slightly bigger so that they don't hang at the same level. The bigger one hangs a little lower, making it easier to walk/sit etc.
Double check with your doc to put your mind at ease, but to me it sounds like he's just becoming a little young man. :)

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just like without any cosmetic work one of our breast are usually bigger then the other so are mens testicles. just most times we don't notice. but like with ours sometimes its more noticable in others. i don't think anything is wrong but i think you are correct in seeing the doctor about it because it is better to be safe then sorry.

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I had girls but........The little boy that my daughter babysits for went to the urologist last week. (She went with him and his Mom) He only has one testicle but in the conversation about it, the doctor explained that the one that works the most, gets bigger. Basically that the size can change. He was explaining that the one testicle will not effect this little one later in life because it will actually do the job of two.

Double check with the doctor but don't worry about it. It seems normal....


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My son had surgery to get his testicles down in the "sack" when he was one. The urologist/surgeon went in there and came out to tell me that one testicles was great and they couldn't find the other one. He came out again later and told me they found it! yipee. But, he told me that there is a significant difference in size between the two and that it didn't matter. Hopefully your son just has testi's that are different sizes just like a lot of women have breast that are different.
Unless it is bothering him or he is complaining I don't think there is much you can do!

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My son had the same thing when he was little. His pediatrician had us get an ultrasound of the testicle which confirmed it was a "hydrocel" or basically enlarged because it had filled with water. Apparently it is not too uncommon when little boys are born and goes away usually by the time they are 1 year old. My son's disappeared and now he is normal. Hope that helps!

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