One Sore Breast

Updated on August 20, 2010
E.M. asks from Louisville, KY
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Ok ladies this is an odd one.. My left breast is soooo sore. It has been like this for about 6 days now. I notice it most when i take my bra off its like some one is squeezing them as hard as they can. I havent had a baby recently so i know its not a milk issue and i know im not pregnant b/c its been over 3 months since i was pregnant what gives??? thanks!

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answers from Dallas on

I also had some pain in my left breast and felt a lump. I went and got a sono on it and it turned out to be "dense" breast tissue. I guess sometimes your breast tissue clumps a bit? It's gone now without any intervention.

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answers from Great Falls on

Any sort of soreness, I would go check with my doctor. It could be a number of things.

My right breast was sore like that, and she checked for breast cancer (I have a history on both sides of my family - male and female), but she couldn't find anything wrong with a physical check. Though I had stopped breast-feeding for several, I was still producing milk, and my body was adjusting to a new birth control.

As much as some of us don't like to take that doctor's visit because of cost, it wouldn't hurt to have it checked out.

That's my humble opinion. I know you'll find your solution here. There are a ton of wise moms on this site!


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answers from Knoxville on

Please, Please go to the doctor! It is better to be safe than sorry!

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answers from Little Rock on

Check for a lump. If your over due for your yearly ob exam, schedule one soon.

Second, you can pull muscles in or behind your breast and it can cause lots of soreness. I am not bragging, I wear a H cup. I have considered breast reduction several times, mostly because of back pain. But I have pulled a muscle in breast before and the pain can become excruciating at times and just bumping it is sooo painful. It does heal eventually. Just wear a supported bra at all times until it heals. I think mine took about a week or two before I was pain free.

I have a friend that this happen to as well and she actually went to ER. They gave pain meds and sent her home.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Go to the doctor and have the doctor check that out!!



answers from Indianapolis on

I agree with everyone else. Call your doctor immediately and ask to be seen. Usually, if there is any concern with breast health, they will take it very seriously and get you in for imaging.

I had what appeared to be mastitis after the birth of my daughter 2 years ago. I had an ultrasound, it was clear. A few weeks later, I found a swollen lymph node, again clear on the ultrasound according to the radiologist.

However, it wasn't. I didn't have breast cancer. I had lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes), and it was affecting the nodes adjacent to my breast tissue.

There is a rare form of breast cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Most women don't know about it, and it is quite rare. But, it usually affects one breast, not both. Symptoms are an orange-skin like appearance to your skin, inverted nipple, breast hot to the touch.

Please call your doctor. None of us want to scare you, but as a cancer survivor, the earlier you get in and find out what's going on, the better.




answers from Raleigh on

Go get it checked by the doctor. Have you had a mamogram? My friend had the same issue (I do need to point out her mom died of breast cancer) and had the mamogram and they said "all is fine". She insisted on an MRI which they only did because she made them and they found a lump. They took it out in a needle biopsy and got everything thankfully. We as women or really people need to take control of our bodies and make sure if something does not seen right, we are getting what we need. I hope all goes well for you. This could be nothing and I am not trying to scare you...better safe than sorry!

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