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Updated on July 20, 2012
S.E. asks from Caldwell, NJ
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being that im very close to the end of my pregnancy (wil be 39weeks monday) everyone keeps telling me i need to pack a bag for the hospital so that i have it all ready and i wont have to send the fiance back home to pack one for me after the fact. this may sound like a really stupid question but what exactly do i need to pack, a change of clothes for me a someething for the baby to wear? .. i feel like if thats all i need to pack why is everyone makign such a big deal out of it.. theres got to be something im missing here lol

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So What Happened?

thank you for all of your responces! some of the things i wouldnt have even thought of- i knew i had to be missing something being that everyone has been making such a big deal out of it .. im sure if i forgot anything my fiance would be more than willing to go home and get it i just dont want to have him running back and forth a million times, the hospital is about 35 minutes from our house, if it was just across town i really wouldnt be concerned and probably wouldnt even pack everything .. thanks again everyone!

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answers from Minneapolis on

SLIPPERS! walking on hospital floors is nasty.

book/magazine/games/ipad or something to do while in the early stages of labor

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answers from Denver on

toothpaste, shampoo, conditoner. Id probably do a couple pairs of clothes for you. Just anything to make you feel normal after you are able to take that first much needed shower. maybe some books or something to pass some time for you or hubby.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I've had my kids at two different hospitals with two very different items for their patients. I thought things like shampoo and lotion would be available, but I was wrong! Here are some things that are going in my hospital bag (I'm due in 8 weeks)...

-chapstick (for during labor... sounds weird, but is necessary!)
-shampoo that I like
-lotion that I like
-a towel that I like
-nursing pads
-underpants that I like (the hospital ones can be really uncomfortable!)
-nursing bras/tank tops
-a comfy pair of pants
-lanolin (for nursing)
-toothbrush, paste, and floss
-phone numbers (maybe just my cell phone?)
-insurance card in an easily accessible place
-comb (none at the hospitals where I delivered)
-snacks for my husband (and, depending on the timing, for me, too! I had my daughter after midnight, and there was no food available to me, but I was starving! My husband ran back home and brought me something to eat.)
-change of clothes for my husband (there is a lot of fluid during the birth process, and he has been splattered in the past)
-clothes for the baby (usually one or two outfits, and that's all that you need)

Sounds like a big list, but most of the items are really small. I fit everything comfortably into a small suitcase (something that could easily fit in an overhead bin). Some items you may not need, but those are the basics from what I've experienced with my previous deliveries.

Good luck, and God bless!

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answers from Albany on

I never packed for any of my three.

But then we lived 2 blocks from the hospital.

It was a great way to get rid of my hovering husband, a nervous wreck and no help to anyone. Made him feel useful, too.

Hon, could you run home and grab the shampoo in the shower?

(Half hour later) No, the GREEN bottle of shampoo!


Not such a Big Deal, but it does help pass the time right? Last few weeks ARE AN ETERNITY!!

I for one cannot WAIT til you have that baby. I'm rooting for Sunday, the first day of the Olympics, then I will always remember his/her birthday!



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answers from Minneapolis on

I'm a person who prepares at the last minute, and my daughter came 10 days early... So I grabbed the toiletry bag that I always have packed for trips to the gym and so forth with the usuals in it - toothbrush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, etc. My labor moved right along, so I didn't need a thing to occupy my time!

The next day, I had my husband bring me a change of clothes to go home in. My SD (17 at the time) brought the outfit she gave to her baby sister to wear home. Oh, and the car seat and a blanket. That's all I brought and I did just fine. I wore the hospital gown they gave me, and used their diapers and wipes. I went home about 24 hours after the birth.

The most important things my family brought were the bagels and tea my stepson (20) ran out for, and the pizza my husband brought in. The hospital food was terrible!

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answers from Seattle on

Yes you need to pack a bag to be ready.

Things dont always go as planned, and you might not have time to pack a bag when you go into labor.

You should pack:

Change of comfy clothes for you and baby. (Keep in mind you might not be able to fit into your old clothes right away so pack something that fits you now.)
Fuzzy socks were nice to have.
A book to read in case it takes a long time.
Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, toothbrush etc. That first shower is the BEST so remember to take everything you need.

I brought my favorite blanket, some snacks, and magazines, and things to keep hubby occupied as well.

Camera!! Dont forget that :)

I am sure there are more, but I cant seem to remember since it's been awhile but those ones for sure!

Congrats on the baby!

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answers from Los Angeles on


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answers from Houston on

Headache pills for my husband. Chargers for phones/cameras/electronics. Books/magazines/something to occupy both of you. A couple of snacks (granola bars, etc). My own toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, chapstick, hairbrush, ties/clips, contact case/solution, eye glasses/case) and toothbrushes/toothpaste for both of us. My husband stayed with me so he needed a change of clothes and pajamas. I also brought a newborn and 3 month baby outfit for our child since I didn't know what size he was going to be. I brought nonskid slippers too. Like mentioned it all fit in a small roller suitcase so no big deal. Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

you will still need to wear maternity clothes for the trip home.

I wore a sundress and slip on shoes.



answers from New York on

You probably want to pack some music you want to hear during labor, camera, a list of family & friends' phone numbers for you & fiance to call with the big news, snacks, pjs, slippers, nursing bra & pads, phone number of La Leche League in your area, underwear, hairbrush, toothbrush, clothes to come home in for you & baby, and of course your cell phone charger.



answers from Columbus on

Camera, cell phone, cell/camera chargers, NEWBORN outfit (most 0-3 months outfits won't fit yet), baby book, change of clothes for you, stuff for a shower, nursing pads (even if you don't plan to breast feed), and a nursing bra. I also brought my own underwear and pads because the ones from the hospital are very uncomfortable and awkward. Congratulations and good luck with your new bundle of joy!!!!


answers from Los Angeles on

Eye mask and earplugs. People come into your room all hours of the night and day (nurses, aids, trash pick up , food drop off, food pick up.....). You want some sleep in the hospital, bring these things.
Nursing pillow
nursing bra
tank tops (i hated wearing the gown, so glad I had a tank top)
robe and slippers (walking the hallway is mandatory exercise for post C-section ((which I hope you don't end up with)))
healthy fresh fruit and snacks (hospital food is horrible and unhealthy)
toiletries bag ( tooth brush, shampoo conditioner, body lotion, stuff to do your hair, makeup (leaving the hospital is a picture taking time, so you may want to do your hair and makeup).
I was glad my fingernail file was in my toiletries bag because my nails were too long for handling baby.
Now consider your stay during labor. DVD's, books, magazines, lap top...
going home outfit and baby blanket
(don't rule out a 3- 5 day stay with long labor and an emergency c-section)



answers from Minneapolis on

This was a while ago, but I brought music to listen to during labor. Do you wear contacts? My contacts stuff got stuck in my bag in the car and that was the FIRST thing I wanted my husband to bring in for me.



answers from Washington DC on

All the responses below are great! I would just add that my hospital did not provide wipes... they give you gauze pads instead which dont work that well IMO. I brought my own wipes.


answers from San Diego on

Something for you to wear home. Much as is sucks, maternity clothes are still your best bet. If you are nursing-a nursing bra, nursing pads & lanolin for your nipples. I wouldn't waste your clothes on the hospital stay, they get messy and the doctors are constantly poking at you and need access to check vitals etc. Though you might want a robe.

Something for baby to wear home. Some people like to have their own cute clothes for baby to wear while you stay in the hospital. I was home within 6 hours of all 3 of my births so they just stayed in a diaper and receiving blanket until it was time to go home, my first was a ospital birth and I just kept him in the little gown thing they have. I brought diapers for my second and third because I have a prefered brand, I forgot with my first and had to use the Pampers they had at the hospital which I hate the smell of. Hospitals typically have them but you will want a few for the drive home and wrapping up.

Socks, ones with no-slip stuff on the bottom are better. Something to hold your hair up and out of the way. Some mints or gum or something.

Make sure you pack your camera/video camera along with extra batteries, tapes, memory cards as well as battery chargers for EVERYTHING including your phone. Oh yeah, and pack your phone.

Whatever toiletries will make you feel human again. Shampoos, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, razor etc.

If you have not already done it I would install the carseat in the car so you do not have to try to do that in the parking lot before heading home. They will not let you go home without doing a car seat check.

We over packed for our first, yet forgot a bunch of important things. We packed in a rush as he came earlier than the OB convinved us he was coming (he wasn't early but wasn't 40 weeks, more like 39 or some time in 38). We were packing as my water was gushing out because it broke. The other 2 my bag was packed and in the closet ready to grab by 36 weeks I think LOL Much better that way.



answers from Dallas on

If your husband will let family know about the arrival, you may have a list of names and numbers for him. You will be tired!



answers from San Antonio on

I took my own pajamas and once the baby comes I could be more comfy in my own items. I also packed slippers (I didn't want to walk around on the gross hospital floors.

I took all my own soap, shampoo/conditioner, lotions, etc...that first shower you take after the baby comes will feel like the best shower of your life...and it made it better to have all my own products. Your hairdryer, etc...

I packed some of my favorite snacks (didn't know why, but was told to by a friend)...glad I did as as soon as I started breastfeeding I could eat between bites and my husband was embarrassed to go down to the snack kitchen too I had stuff in the room.

I also had a couple of hair bands to keep my hair out of my face during labor and three or four chap sticks (my lips got so dry from not much to drink all day in labor...only ice chips).

The baby's coming home outfit...your coming home outfit (make sure it is maternity, you will still need those maternity clothes for a few more weeks yet).

Make sure the camera is ready to go and battery charged...

I was glad mine was packed with my second one because i went from out shopping straight to the hospital and my hubby would not have gotten it all right...

Good luck!!



answers from Albuquerque on

Well, the funny thing is with my first two I didn't have a bag packed yet (37 and 36 weeks). In fact with my second someone at work asked me if I had my bag packed yet and I said I had planned to pack it that weekend since my first came early. Well, what do ya know, I went into labor that night with no bag packed! With my third I figured I'd get it together and I guess I did have a bag packed. The thing is, I never really needed much from the bag. One thing I do recommend is if you have a special outfit for the baby make sure you have that packed, don't depend on your hubby to bring the right one (like I did), chances are he'll bring the wrong one. Good luck and happy birthing vibes to you!

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