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Updated on June 18, 2012
B.B. asks from Grand Prairie, TX
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Hello, friends!!! Did any of you in the Grand Prairie, Tx area get any damage to your homes or cars in the recent storm we had on 6/13/12? We had hail at our house the size of ORANGES! Huge frozen chunks of hard ice coming down from the sky as though somebig, strong giant was up there angrily throwing them down! My question is: who are you using that you would recommend to give us an estimate and to do our repairs? Our neighborhood is SWARMING with potential contractors! The car we will just take to our Allstate-recommended shop for the estimate. But as for the roof, we need some of your insight about your experience on that. What kind of hail/wind damage, if any, have any of you had??? Who did you like enough to pass along? Thanks Ladies!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanksabunch! Once again, you all came through! We researched all the names suggested, and will most likely go with Ranger Roofing ( good point made by Tracy K-use someone established in our area! Thanks, girl!). We checked the BBB as suggested, and from that, narrowed your suggestions down to the 3 w/A+ ratings. Our process is at its beginning, so we will see how things roll out. I appreciate all the help, this is ALWAYS a great information source for me!!! Bless you all!!!

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The hail storm last year got us and we used Mike Proctor at Armadillo Roofing and Fence. He arranged everything (roof, fence, gutters, garage door) and we were very pleased. Here is his website and contact info: http://www.armadillorooffence.com/

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Don't deal with the vultures roaming your neighborhood.

We've been in TX 20+ yrs. good people are. ... Bert roofing, Lon Smith, Helsey, to name a few.

Ask your Allstate agent.. They should have reputable names for you. Forgo the cheap fly by nighters who scan/scam the neighborhoods.

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When we had hail damage to our roof, we had 3 companies give us estimates (the estimates were free) and we went with the company our insurance told us did the best job.

You should definitely check with the better business bureau and see who has a good rating and get multiple estimates. Good luck!

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We had the biggest hail that I've ever seen in my life...giant chunks of ice.

I will PM you info on an unbelievably honest contractor that I think would go to Grand Prarie and the name of the smarmy guy who came through our neighborhood a few years ago and should be avoided like the plague.

Fortunately, my house wasn't damaged (to the best of my knowledge).

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Dont use anyone that isnt local. Those swarms will be gone and not around to warranty thier work. Go to BBB website and look for rating and length of time in business in our area. OUr office reccomends Cloud Roofing and Ranger Roofing. Both are guys that have grown up in GP and been in business over 20 yrs.



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Yes, I know several friends and family that have used Larry Wilson with DFW Roofing, this time and a few months back with the tornadoes, very professional and reasonable, Contact info ###-###-####. My Mom is using him as well. He replaced my roof last year from the hail storms. Good luck!



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My husband works for a roofing company out of Burleson. He is the quality control inspector for them. The company is Old Pro Roofing. They do a really good job and are local. They have done work all over the metroplex including Grand Prairie. PM me if you want their phone number or website address.



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We had hail damage and called our insurance adjustor ONLY AFTER talking with a roofing company. Be sure you get a reputable company and MAKE SURE the roofer goes with the adjustor to look at your roof. We got 100% of our roof covered (about $25,000) and many of our neighbors with the exact same damage only got a fraction of that.

It took a little back and forth negotiating, but our persistence paid off. We were one of the few people I spoke with in our area that had our whole roof covered by insurance.


answers from St. Louis on

Oh gads, do you have Allstate for your homeowners as well? We had hail up here a month or so ago. My roof covered with no fuss or muss. My coworkers with Allstate claim childbirth is easier and takes less time. :(

Find a contractor first and not the ones roaming around. Have them work with the insurance.



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I would go with someone who has been in the area for a long time, not just some Joe Schmoe who knocks on your door... I have used Jon Wright Roofing and they are great! they have over 32 years experience her in the DFW area and are based out of Irving that entire time. They are very highly rated on Angie's List and work with your insurance.
their number is ###-###-####
Good Luck!


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We just got the edge of the storm; no damage. We did get quite a bit of damage over the last few years, though, and had our roof replaced last fall. We also have Allstate, and like others mentioned, they were wonderful to work with. Our contractor was average, not someone I would rush to recommend. Good luck with the repairs!

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