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Updated on April 17, 2011
A.M. asks from Reynolds, IL
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How normal is it for a 7 week old (this started at 4 weeks) to only have a bowel movement once a week? She is breastfed, but consistantly acts as though she is trying to push it out but with no results. Once she does go then it is 3-5 full diapers within 2 hours. The Ped says it's normal for breastfed to only go every week but usually it doesn't start until they are about 3 months, but they still are only recommending adding prune juice and no meds. She is also VERY gassy. Any suggestions?

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My cousin's baby was very gassy until she read an article, from where I can not recall now, but it said to pump and dump a bit from each side before feeding, and this has eliminated almost all of his gas problems! She shared this with her doctor and they where amazed!

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Only YOU should be drinking the prune juice if your baby is only 7 weeks old. As long as your daughter isn't *straining* to go or seems to be in pain (crying when going), then once a week is TOTALLY normal - even that early. Babies use up nearly all they take in of breast milk because there's no 'extra' stuff like in formula; so there's no waste. The 'pushing' you are seeing is also normal. My babies all did that, usually with grunting and scrunched up faces....but I don't think it is actually pushing. Just normal baby squirms :o)

Being gassy is actually a good sign. It means that all systems are go; she's not constipated. As long as she's not in pain, then there's no cause for concern. You could try to eliminate gassy foods from your own diet though, that will help your baby out.

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answers from Lincoln on

My son is 5.5 months, excluively breastfe and only has a BM every 5-7 days. Kind of weird since my daughter (4) has gone pretty much every day of her life. He went a few times a day until 4weeks old and then it immediately changed to once a week. He's gassy sometimes and it really stinks but it doesn't seem to bother him. Our ped says once a week is normal and hasn't suggsted anything to make his BM's more frequent.


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Sounds exactly right for a breastfed baby!



answers from New York on

Sounds very normal for a breastfed baby. Ask ped about Mylicon drops
for the gas. There may be something of a different name.



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this is totally normal for an infant who is breastfed. sometimes they use it all up. breastmilk is perfect for the human infant, and so the body can and sometimes does use up every single bit of it with no waste. this means your infant wont poop every day. this is a good thing!

just keep nursing. breastmilk is NOT constipating, and besides, constipation is not the lack of stool, it is hard, painful to pass stool. she is obviously not having that. ;) so dont worry! just be glad you are breastfeeding, and that your child is getting the absolute most perfect and best food for her body, and that her body is so perfectly and adequatly using it up that you dont have a messy diaper to clean. how can this be bad? LOL.

NO PRUNE JUICE. NO NO NO. she is NOT constipated. no reason to add that extra needless calories. i think they are telling you that only to give you a "cure" and there is no cure for your infant using up the most perfect food for her body. ;)
if shes gassy, its likely something you are eating is buggin her. try reducing or eliminating dairy, a likely first cause. second are things that would make you gassy, like broccoli, green peppers, or beans or something like that. just eat as healthiful as you can.
otherwise get some mylecon drops or something, pump her legs during gassy times (even pussing them up to her stomach to push the gas out!), and make sure to burp her well.
otherwise be grateful. no stool means no mess! LOL



answers from Boise on

Both my sons were breastfed. The first pooped every day several times a day. The second went about once a week... he even went 14 days in one stretch! I called my pediatrician after 9 days. She said it is normal for them to go 10 to 14 days. Once I started introducing some formula he started to go more often. I know what you mean about about them "trying" to push it out though. I got to the point where I celebrated when he finally went! :)


answers from St. Louis on

From what I recall reading, even that early on they can go once a week to three times per day, just depends on the baby! She is likely passing gas, or trying to. I wouldn't worry to much, especially since your ped says all is OK!



answers from Chicago on

I've heard that breastfed babies may not poop much, there isn't much waste left over after the milk has been digested. Though my breastfed son pooped all the time so who knows.
As long as you've told your pediatrician and they don't seem concerned I wouldn't be either. Actually that would be pretty nice to not change poopy diapers every day :)

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