On-line Shoppers, Is It Just Me or Does the Target Web Site Suck?

Updated on December 06, 2013
I.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
11 answers

I have not been able to get on the target website in two days. In the past the memory of my items in the cart gets lost after about 20 minutes and i have had to reselect all my purchases up to three times before I get it to work. Just wounding if I"m the only one who struggles with target on-line shopping.

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answers from Chicago on

I had some issues with the website last year . The store told me it is separate from them but if you go to the store , they will honor the price . Hope this helps !

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answers from Detroit on

I am not a big online shopper, but I have used Target online. I ordered Christmas items late at night on Black Friday and I did not have any problems. Side note, but do you have a Target Redcard? It is a debit card, not credit card. You get 5% off all in store and online purchases and free shipping on any order. I shop a ton at Target, so it works well for me. I am going to shop there anyway, so I might as well get money off!

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answers from Toledo on

Do you login? Because if you have a login your items should stay in the shopping cart for a few days.

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answers from Chicago on

Target does have a crappy website. you'd think they'd put more money into it, considering how big they are, but Yes, it is one of the more pathetic sites out there.

I've been shopping online for 18 years. Save for groceries, I buy almost everything else online. The target site isn't very good, and it tells you things are in stock when they aren't, etc. Last year I would check the site and then drive all over looking for a toy I wanted.The store never had the toy! The clerks at the store would tell me that it had to have it when I checked the site...and I'd remind them of the time I was in the store and the system said they had 4 bottles of X, but they had Zero.



answers from New York on

Have never had a problem.



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes it does. And so does the ToysRUs one.
(another frustrated online shopper)


answers from Jacksonville on

I don't know. Usually when something is glitchy it is your browser. I use Safari on a Mac and haven't had any issues with Target's website.



answers from Chicago on

I used to have a problem and turned out it was because of my browser. Since I updated, no problems at all.


answers from Seattle on

Target.com is a CRAPPY website.

I can search for "Spyro" in electronics and I'll get hits for clothing. It's NOT user friendly if I'm trying to actually BUY something. If I'm just wandering around then it's not so bad.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I have found that anytime a website does not work as it should, I can switch to 'compatibility view' and see an improvement.

I've noticed that a lot of websites don't seem to play nice with the latest IE browser, I think it is IE11.



answers from Honolulu on

I ordered something from there about a week ago.
I had no problems.
What I had in my cart, was still there even after a couple of days.

Some websites get swamped... and things in your shopping cart may disappear, because it got sold out. Unless you actually pay for it etc. and complete the purchase process of what is in your cart, you do not have it "reserved" indefinitely in your cart.
Or sure, that website may be full of glitches due to the load of online activity and that their website does suck.
But I didn't have problems on it.

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