Omg!!i'm over Thinking It! Need Food Ideas for 5Th Grade End of Year Class Party

Updated on May 30, 2019
L.D. asks from San Clemente, CA
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PLEASE I have to get my signup genius out within 24 hours. They are just watching a movie but I am in charge of asking for food and utensils etc. What food and drinks should I ask parents (including myself) to bring? Plus any suggestions for an easy treat.
i need simple crowd pleaser ideas (of course in line with allergy sensitive children).

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answers from San Francisco on

Email the teacher. She can give you ideas and let you know if there are any allergies.
Ideas may include popcorn, cookies, cupcakes, fruit, crackers/cheesesticks, punch/juice.

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answers from Dallas on

Keep it simple.. the kids don't care, they just enjoy the party.

This year in one class I know of had movie day with popcorn. Kids were allowed to bring their favorite drink.

Party day was ice cream sundaes and kids brought everything except the ice cream.
Bahama Bucks shaved ice place (the best shaved ice here)set up a snow cone station

On Field Day, the PTA set up a popcorn and snow cone station.

Assorted pizzas if you are providing food. The parties at our elementary school are just fun stuff, lunch is served at the school.

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answers from Boston on

I'd mix it up - some carbs, some not. So yes, chips and cupcakes, but some gluten-free things like rice crackers, single-serve applesauce, single-serve raisins, rice krispie treats. One person can bring 40 forks, one can bring 40 spoons, one can bring 40 little plates, another can bring 80 napkins (because kids drop things or make messes). Have someone bring 2 large jugs of water (no individual bottles - too much waste/recycling) and some recyclable 6 oz cups. The water will offset the juices you'll get. If there's tap water in the room (sink or water fountain), don't even do that. Have someone bring a roll of paper towels, and someone else a half dozen trash bags. You need more than food. Do you need a folding table or two? Do that yourself - don't bake too, you know?

People should not bring enough for the whole class - you will have wasted food and no place to set it up. Not everyone needs to bring stuff, you know? It's overwhelming, and those with financial problems or scheduling problems or a sick grandparent to care for need to be able to opt out now and then. If there are 20 kids, you don't need 500 snacks! Scale it back. Those who can't bake/buy might be able to set up and clean up. That's important too. Those who can't do anything can do it the next time, next year. It's all okay.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would do a couple of healthy options like veggie tray and hummus with gluten free crackers. Then just chips and cookies with water to drink. Keep it simple.

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answers from Portland on

When my kids watch movies at school, we provide snacks for our own children (they've done away with parents providing for whole class). I always just send in popcorn (white cheddar is my kid's favorite) for mine because it's easy - comes in a bag. However, any would be fine.

Other kids whose parents go all out, go to bulk store and pick up those individual gummy candies and the like. I don't, but some do.

If it's a party - the ones my kids attend for things like scouts/guiding/sports/etc. then they usually do cupcakes/sheet cake (forks/napkins/plates) and then juice boxes/water bottles.

If you need more than that - to provide a 'snack' you could do fruit tray, veggie tray (if necessary - may not need that if doing fruit tray), cheese and crackers (again may not be necessary unless you want to provide real food), and as alternative to popcorn you could do pretzels/chips.

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answers from New York on

Chips, cupcakes, cookies, candy, fruit cups, popcorn...
Our info just said to send in our child's favorite treat and enough for xx amount of kids. My child picked oreos

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answers from Dallas on

How many kids are we talking about? I think you either need to pick a theme and own it or just do a bunch of random snacks. Theme ideas could be things like a popcorn bar (think popcorn, candies, flavor sprinkles for the top like cheese, butter, etc.), a nacho bar, a dessert buffet, etc. OR just keep it simple and ask for pre-packaged snacks of various kinds. Ask for Cheez Its, Rice Krispy treats, Oreos, etc. Then have people do small bottles of water, Izze drinks, mini sodas, etc. Doing pre-packaged will be less work and more germ friendly, plus you won't have to worry about bowls, serving utensils, etc.

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answers from Washington DC on

welcome to mamapedia, L..

Calm down. Don't panic. What is the issue here?

You will need:

Serving Utensils

Rice Krispy treats
Granola Bars

You will need to ask if there are any food allergies and ensure that parents know about any food allergies.

You will need volunteers to set up, take down and monitor the kids.

Stop panicking - you are not helping yourself when you panic. STOP. Breathe. Look at what they did last year. Or any other time in the year. This is not rocket science. Sorry to be rude. But really.

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answers from New York on

How "fancy" is this party? Is it a "graduating to middle school" celebration at a school where people are showy about wealth? Is it a comfortable friendly classmates gathering in an easy-going area?

Your party contribution "ask" could run on a spectrum from "bowl of gingerale+fruit sparkling punch" to "Cheetos", depending on the party atmosphere you are going for.

The main thing to remember is, not everyone needs to bring food. Some people should contribute cups and flatware and paper towels and stuff like that.

Also, if it makes sense for your group, maybe one parent could serve as "photographer" for the event (before/after the movie).

And, depending on the size of the class, maybe someone could contribute cheap white teeshirts and fabric markers and the kids could sign each other's shirts, yearbook-style.

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answers from Norfolk on

What ever you did for last year will work for this year.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

At that age, my kid's party food was easy.
Potato chips and onion dip
Corn chips and salsa
Double Stuf Oreos



answers from Dallas on

I would do finger foods, maybe pigs in a blanket, popcorn, fruit, veggi trey and maybe some cookies.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I would ask the teacher what worked last year (quantity and items). I also give parents an example (Oreo or similar treat) so they have an idea. Some teacher have a no frosting rule because of the mess. So make this request clear on the Sign-up. Many parents love bringing in a cute creative snack.

I think movie items like popcorn and red vines. I would fill out sing-up genius with amounts (have the parent state if they are bring one tray of red vines or a huge tub from Costco. It will help.
-Water (some schools request large containers to help with reducing plastic waste, but bottle water is easy. Our school has not had soda (i don't think ever, but your school might be more accepting of it).
- Veggies (some moms are specific and do not want precut (they are less fresh) while other room moms don't want to look ungrateful.
-fruit tray (or fruit that is in season). You can request three separate lines of a pound of washed strawberries. This will allow either one family to sign up for all three lines or let several family bring a smaller batch.

I'm not sure if you want to request pizza since that is a 'lunch' and could take the place of the kids' lunch. It usually cheap and easy. I request the slices to be cut in half if that is on the list of snacks to bring.

I have a feeling what ever is provided will be fun for the kids.



answers from Washington DC on

First thing is take a breath. It can sometimes be overwhelming when you're put "in charge" of stuff, but this is just a matter of making a list and asking folks to check things off with the sign-up genius.

You've already been given suggestions on the paper goods - cups, plasticware, napkins and plates - DONE

For food items, some easy things are applesauce cups or squeeze-packs, granola bars (make sure to have a variety of vegan, no-nut and gluten free ones), mini-rice cakes, whole fruit (such as grapes, bananas, plums), cut fruit such as oranges and berries, tortilla chips and salsa and/or guacamole, cookies and/or cupcakes - DONE

I'm sure you will have folks bring more than all the children can even consume, so in the end, know that everything will turn out as it's supposed to. =)

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