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Updated on June 30, 2010
K.F. asks from Shirley, NY
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So I'm 7 and 1/2 months pregnant and my belly is really starting to pop after almost getting to my 6 months and not showing so much...but now forget it, anyways my belly is itching sooooooo badly I'm trying so so hard not to itch at all just rubbing it and massaging it, but it's not working. Anyone have any ideas of what i can rub on or use so the itch subsides a bit please...i'll be willing to try just about anything at this point...any ideas will help ladies thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Rochester on

The only thing that stopped the itch for me was giving birth. LOL I tried everything including Aveeno, but nothing worked. You're near the end of the pregnancy, so the skin is really stretching like crazy. That's what causes the horrible itching. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

My old OB told me to get aloe lotion. Its usually the stretching of the skin that causes the itchiness. Lubricate it a ton with whatever aloe lotion you like and it should help.

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answers from Portland on

Calendula is a natural dry skin remedy. I used Kiss My Face Honey & Calendula Moisturizer at night and in the morning, right out of the shower, I used Palmer's Cocoa Butter and between the am & pm I did pretty well without the itchy belly. Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

I have read that increasing your omega 3 supplements can help. But consult your Dr to determine how much. I take Omega 3 gel caps from flaxseed oil which allows me to take more because your not taking in too much fish oil (normal source of Omega 3)

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answers from Dallas on

Vitamin E oil for sure to help you with any stretching. That works wonders.

As for the itch, maybe Aveeno or some other lotion that specializes in itch. Calamine lotion always helped our daughter's eczema.

Congratulations and good luck

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answers from Columbus on

I used and loved Burt's Bees mama bee oil. smells ncie too!

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answers from Los Angeles on

If it is really abnormally itchy and you have redness or hives, I would check with your doctor ASAP to find out if it is the PUPPP rash. I had it with my first pregnancy and it was really a severe case. The doctor recommended a steroid cream to treat it. I refused to use it because I did not want any risk of the steroids harming the baby. The rash just got worse and ended up covering most of my body. I tried every natural remedy I could find, but nothing really helped. Sarna lotion offered the most relief, but even that was temporary. Ultimately, I had to take oral steroids to try to get rid of the rash because the rash itself was more risky to the baby than the steroids.

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answers from Honolulu on

Burt's Bees, ditto. They make good stuff. Buy a bunch of different ones and try it.

The skin is stretching... hence, it gets itchy.



answers from New York on

That's exactly how I was. It was a nightmare (esp. with my twin pregnancy). Before I got out of the shower, I poured Johnson's baby oil over my stomach. Then when I dried off, I used belly butter. There were two brands I used. One of them was Burt's Bees. The other smelled like chocolate, but I can't remember the brand. It definitely helped...



answers from New York on

When I was pregnant I got PUPPP (google it...horrible it rash from my belly to my knees) The only thing that worked was Pine-Tar soap followed by gobs of aveeno anti-itch lotion. The Pine-Tar soap can be found at a natural/health food market. It smells bad and looks unappealing but I was showering several times a day just to use it.. it actually took my rash away which is very rare for PUPPP which usually lasts until after delivery. Good luck!!



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi! They have belly balms at maternity shops that help the typical itchy belly. If this doesn't help, then you should get to the OB ASAP. As others have mentioned, it could be PUPPPs. It could also be Intrahepatic Cholestatis of Pregnancy (ICP). I had ICP when I was pregnant. It typically begins during the third trimester. A blood test can determine if you have ICP. It's a very serious condition for the fetus, but there are meds that can help tremendously. So, if the balms do not work, get to your OB immediately to have him check you out. ICP is nothing to mess with.



answers from Norfolk on

The Body Shop has a Mango Body Butter that was wonderful when I was pregnant. All their body butters are good, but mango was my favorite.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I used Origins Ginger Souffle Cream on my belly. No itching and no stretch marks! Gold Bond Medicated Powder?


answers from New York on

your belly is itching because your skin's stretching big time!! i totaolly remember that!! what i used to do was rub on that maternity cream they sell in babies r us...i forgot the name of it, but i'd rub it on mornin after a shower n before bedtime. i also heard olive oil is great too! good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

All through my pregnancy, I used regular baby oil in the shower and didn't have much itchiness or ANY stretch marks. I just rubbed it into my skin after washing, with the water still running. Be careful you don't slip though!!
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.



answers from McAllen on

I used baby oil, but there were times the itch was so bad... Anyway, I rubbed my belly with a little Ice and then dried it and put in some oil, or just put in oil after my bath. It worked for me, hopefully it'll work for you.

Good Luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

I am not sure if you are allowed when you are pregnant... but...the aveeno oatmeal bath always helps me when i have itchy skin :)



answers from New York on

Palmer's Oil. It comes in a spray bottle. Spray it on after your shower but while you're still wet and let it sink in. Just be careful not to slip if you get any on the floor. This was the only thing that worked for me!



answers from Jamestown on

Lotion with Coco Butter. Your skin is stretching thus the itching.

This will also cut down on stretch marks.


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